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NCI Information Systems partners with Tanjo to enhance its AI Platform

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Expanding its offerings by incorporating latest analytical capabilities

NCI Information Systems has announced that it has partnered with machine learning company Tanjo. With this acquisition, NCI will enhance its existing platform known as Scaling Human with Artificial Intelligence or Shai which delivers real-time insights and intelligence to NCI’s customers with Tanjo’s machine learning technology which studies the volume, velocity and variety of big data. By including Tanjo’s technology into its platform, NCI will expand its offerings by leveraging its technology and incorporating latest data analytics capabilities that are provided to its customers.

Paul Dillahay, CEO and President of NCI Information Systems stated, “Our collaboration with Tanjo will maximise the efficiency and value of our customer’s workforce and data strategies in this regard.”

Enriching  interactions to improve mission outcomes

Furthermore, the collaboration of NCI Information Systems and Tanjo will enrich the human and machine interactions through Tanjo’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions to harness government data to learn and improve mission outcomes of their customers.

Richard Boyd, CEO of Tanjo stated, “Tanjo is looking forward to apply our data-driven machine learning to the work NCI is performing for its government customers. Further, he added, “Our machine learning tools analyse massive amounts of data swiftly and recognise patterns much faster than humans.  Combining this capability with NCI’s AI solution set will arm federal workers with automated insight and access to collective knowledge.

Delivering innovation to customers

At the same time, NCI Information Systems is also developing a strategy to approach customers who have large data sets and who want to utilize the data in an efficient way.

Paul Dillahay, CEO of NCI Information Systems stated “This is going in and talking to customers and bringing them innovation.”

Previous partnerships of NCI

NCI Information Systems had previously collaborated with Olive which was known as CrossChx ,a commercial provider of artificial intelligence technology to develop their artificial intelligence (AI) solution “ Scaling Humans with Artificial Intelligence” or Shai. This partnership also focused on automating highly repetitive tasks in processes such as back office monitoring to supply chain and network monitoring that were being done manually



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