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Yggdrasil Slots: Common themes in their games

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Yggdrasil is one of the leading providers of online slot gaming content in the country. Having developed a wide range of games over the last 10 years, Yggdrasil have carved out a formidable place in the world of iGaming and are thriving – play slots online.

One of the most crucial features of Yggdrasil’s branding and marketing, is their visual intrigue. Yggdrasil are always at the forefront of slot visual marketing and have made it their business to impress players with their capabilities in animation, graphics, and aesthetics. Just by clicking on their flagship website you’ll see a flashy animated video with breath-taking graphics and slick, punchy transitions all integrated within their easy to use homepage interface. Yggdrasil aren’t just any online slot site; they are the slot site to beat, and it’s not going to be easy.

Yggdrasil and the importance of themes.

Yggdrasil’s brilliant visual marketing is seen most obviously within the online slot games themselves, in which carefully constructed themes give you the ability to throw yourself into a fantasy world whilst pulling your slots. There are a few different benefits that Yggdrasil are able to enjoy because of their well-established visual themes in their slot sites:

  • Yggdrasil’s themes create an intriguing and immersive experience for the players.
  • Players become familiar with the world, the themes and the characters of the online slot game and keep returning as a result.
  • The spectacular graphics and animations in some of their online slot games have won Yggdrasil coveted gaming awards such as ‘Innovator of the Year’ at the International Gaming Awards 2020

Common themes in Yggdrasil games

HorrorHorror is not one of the most common themes for online slot games, but Yggdrasil does horror like no other, with games such as Hades (the king of the underworld), Medusa: Fortune and Glory, and Bloodmoon Wilds.
PiratesPirates are a classic theme for online slot games, and Yggdrasil has two of the best in their locker, Pirates: Smugglers Paradise, and Pirates 2: Mutiny.
VikingsThis is perhaps Yggdrasil’s most notable theme, with a large handful of their online slot games falling under this genre. The pick of the bunch are Vikings Go Bezerk, and Vikings Go to Hell.

Summary of Yggdrasil’s common themes

Because of Yggdrasil’s visual and animation quality, they are able to integrate many of the stories and characters of the games much more succinctly and effectively than other competitors online slot games. This means their themes become much more than just what you might see on the surface. Instead, the slot games have character oozing out of every pixel, creating a truly immersive experience within the realm of online slot games.

In short, what separates Yggdrasil from other game developers is their visual creativity, transforming the world of iGaming with innovative ideas and stories for online slot games, and making sure that all of you big players are getting an unforgettable experience, win or lose.

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