Walmart in Mexico unlocks a new marketing strategy

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The online growth always proves beneficial for the company. Considering this, Walmart in Mexico has unlocked a new marketing strategy. The store in Mexico called Supernama started using the messaging service ‘Whatsapp’ for delivering the groceries. The retailer said it was a new technique to attract customers.

Whatsapp is a social media platform, owned by Facebook, which delivers free messaging services. As this platform is well renowned and used by all, it is proving to be extremely beneficial for the Supernama store.

To use this service, the Supernama shopper can text or send the photo of the grocery list, and the company representative responds immediately with smiley faces or wink-face emoji’s. Now, who doesn’t like a friendly conversation and groceries being delivered at the doorstep?

The representative added that Superama charges 49 pesos ($2.55) for delivery within 90 minutes, or 39 pesos ($2.03) for a later delivery time, and would accept payment in cash or by card upon delivery. The U.S. retailer’s largest overseas market by store count is Superama, which represents about 92 of Walmart’s 2,459 stores in Mexico.

Not just Whatsapp, Supernama also uses other online platforms; an official Supernama Website, a Supernama App, and a third-partydelivery app called Cornershop.

Walmart’s plan to buy Cornershop, for $225 million, was blocked by Mexico’s competition regulator, earlier this month. Cornershop operates in Mexico and Chile. The deal was waved off away by saying it would not be fair for the rivals who also use the app.




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