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Microsoft helping the Indian startups

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Microsoft introduced ‘M12’- a new partner organization. This organization will help the growth of startups with its cutting-edge platform of technology.

Anant Maheshwari, President of Microsoft India said, “The introduction of M12 – Microsoft’s venture fund in India – is creating new value for startups, venture capitals and the company itself to maintain the pace and direction of innovation.”

He further added that the technology firm plays a vital role in shaping the startup firm in India and across the world.“The importance of Microsoft’s role as the technology partner is to support and enable startups – prepare, market and sell”- Maheshwari

Partner in M12, Rashmi Gopinath, said that the firm is looking for investing in the innovations, such as the new cutting edge technologies which will drive the digital transformation.The firm has a Portfolio Development Team, which is specifically built for help, support and scale the companies with the resources invested by Microsoft.

‘Microsoft for Startups’ is another platform, which aims at supporting and making the startups enterprise ready.

Latika Pai, the country head of ‘Microsoft for Startups’ said that this platform not only helps to grow the startup but also helps them to reach the customers globally.She further added, “Under this initiative, the Microsoft ScaleUp programme supports Seed or Series A funded B2B (and select B2C) tech-enabled startups to scale and be competitive.”

This programme will help the startups co-sell with the Microsoft Sales Team and get access to the global market and mentorship.

According to Latika Pai’s report, Microsoft for Startups has closed more than 120 co-sell deals with more than $126 million active pipeline for startups, in the last 18 months.



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