Voyage autonomous vehicle become partner With Velodyne

Voyage autonomous vehicle become partner With Velodyne

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Voyage, a leading autonomous vehicle startup, has cemented their relationship with Velodyne LiDAR, launching an all-Velodyne, autonomous-driving system. This new offering, which features the new VLS-128 sensor mounted on Chrysler Pacifica vehicles, will be deployed as a fleet of autonomous cars for communities across the USA.

Voyage’s mission is all about the journey, and making each one better than the last. Driver, passenger and pedestrian safety are equally important to each of the companies involved here. Velodyne, Voyage and Enterprise are actively working to create safer, more comfortable and more affordable automotive options—powered by breakthrough autonomous driving technology.

Enabling autonomous vehicles in communities

Marketing Director at Velodyne LiDAR, Cesar Alejandro Montero, said that Velodyne is energized by Voyage’s compelling mission to help communities in North America by putting customer priority first. They are pleased to support their advanced autonomous vehicle program with their newest product, the VLS-128. The public and their safety deserve nothing less: a product with lessons learned from millions of miles and 10 years of LiDAR development. The VLS-128 provides the range, resolution and accuracy required by the most advanced vehicle programs in the world.

CEO of Voyage, Oliver Cameron, said that autonomous vehicle should provide a safe and smooth ride each and every time. The combination of Voyage’s autonomous technology and the Velodyne VLS-128 LiDAR enables their autonomous vehicles to sense the world at incredible resolution and range, ensuring an amazing passenger experience for their riders.



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