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Ad Council vaccine campaign seeks help from Facebook, GM to raise funds

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The corporate donors such as Bank of America, Facebook, and General Motors has raised $37 million to fund a nationwide coronavirus vaccine campaign said The Ad Council. The raising of funds is solely aimed at encouraging Americans to get inoculated.

Ad Council is a nonprofit organization that is renowned for initiating the Smokey the Bear wildfire prevention campaign. The organization will debut public service announcements this month across TV, web, and social media. These public service announcements are commenced to combat disbelief and reluctance towards the COVID-19 vaccine.

Top donors supporting the campaign

The top donors who are supporting this campaign include NBCUniversal and the parent company Comcast Corp. The head of advertising and partnerships at NBCUniversal, Linda Yaccarino, was proclaimed as a board chair of the Ad Council in the previous week. Apart from these organizations, Walgreens and Walmart will also help in raising the funds. The council has also declared the non-profits such as the American Heart Association to help fund the campaign. 

In order to develop the education program, the Ad Council is seeking to raise $50 million. Lisa Sherman, chief executive of the Ad Council declared, “Our nation’s recovery depends on widespread adoption of vaccination against COVID-19, which will require the Ad Council’s most ambitious public education effort ever.”

Brands helping in the public service announcements

It has come to notice that racial minorities are generally doubtful about trusting the healthcare industry. This distrust is caused mainly because of the unequal treatment and well-documented cases of discrimination that has been carried on for decades. And thus, to let them believe in the healthcare industry, particular attention will be put towards developing messages that will reach these people. 

Pereira O’Dell, JOY Collective, and Alma—the renowned Ad agencies are working with the Ad Council to develop the public service announcements.

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