How To Style Gajras

How to Use Gajra in Different Ways?

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India is a land of different cultures and practices. You may find different people doing different things. The one thing you will find common in India is that women here apply gajra in their hair, especially women from the southern part of India. Now many of you might be having a question what is gajra? Gajra is the strands of flowers put in a thread and then worn on loose or tied hair.

According to Hindu mythology, flowers have a very deep meaning. These are not only known for their beauty. But the set of flowers applied to the hair of the person will symbolize love, good luck, happiness, and prosperity. It is believed that most women apply gajra to their hair just to bring positive vibes to their place. Usually, women like to wear white jasmine flowers as gajra for hair as the fragrance of these flowers is very great.

Nowadays, it is not always good to apply gajra made with fresh flowers. Today, you can easily get the gajra made with artificial flowers. You can easily get to see so much variety of gajra for hair online. This is one of the best ways to keep reapplying the set of gajra every time you feel like being very traditional. So many women, even brides, want to put gajra on their hair. Different hairstyles are done just to make the flowers enhance the overall look of the women. 

If you are not having the facility of getting flowers nearby, you can opt for the artificial gajra for hair online. Today the trend of wearing gajra among women has increased quite a lot. No wedding function for women is complete without using the gajra in one of the other forms as a hair accessory. You can easily see different hair stylists are using different ways of styling gajra. If you are willing to experiment with your look, just order the flower gajra online. This is a hair accessory that can amplify your entire look.

At the present time, people are styling hairstyles and wigs with gajra in different ways. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Gajra Bun Hairstyles: Mostly, the gajra is used on hair buns. The hairstylist and even you can tie your hair in a bun according to your choice. Once you are done with the bun. Just apply the layer of either fresh gajra or artificial gajra. Along with this, many people like to opt for different types of accessories. You can get a lot of Indian floral hair accessories online. You will be surely amazed by the variety made available online. Most people like to tie a bun whenever they are wearing a royal saree or lehenga top, putting everything together and making it very traditional.

The bun can be done in different ways, like a circle around the simple bun, a low messy bun, or covering the entire bun with the gajra just to give it a more ethnic look. Such buns are mostly done by the brides on their wedding days. Even online, you can get to see a jallidaar mogra gajra. You can style it very well to get the best results from it. You can easily find some girls styling gajra only halfway through their bun and call it half-moon-gajra style. This hairstyle looks super chic and gorgeous with a Banarsi saree.

  • Twist Gajra Strand In A Braid

If you are someone who doesn’t want to style your hair in a bun and still want to get gajra. You can use a simple braid just to style it around the braid and give it a very traditional look. The gajra strands can be put up in the braids in different ways. Even you can put up some artificial flowers for hair to give it a more elegant look. You can tie a bubble braid and tie the flowers after a certain interval. Believe me, this is going to be the best hairstyle look that you might have ever done.

  • Gajra Hairstyle For Open Hair

There might be women who feel very confident when their hair is open. So, on some special occasions, if you want to even apply gajra on your hair, it can be easily done on open hair as well. You can use silk flowers for hair and tie them to your pin. This way, it will be very easy to put that pin in any required type. You might find some girls hanging gajra on their hair. Even this looks very traditional and can go with any outfit and open hairstyle that you do.

Gajra has been something that has been part of the Indian legacy for a very long time. Today there are so many ways to experiment with gajra in hair. So many girls are enjoying the tradition of wearing gajra as it can instantly uplift the overall look of the girl. Even if you have short hair, don’t worry; you can look for a hairstyle for gajra for short hair. You will get enormous hairstyles and gajras for such people. It is just that women need to be very willing to use this thing to look very chic and traditional.


Today, flowers are not only used just to apply on the hair. You can easily see a lot of brides and bridesmaids wearing floral jewellery for different occasions. Different girls with long hair use the gajra to tie in their hair like sheeshphool or matha patti. This is a great modern yet very traditional way to style jewelry. You can easily get a lot of variety of gajra for long hair. You need to pick up the one that you think will look the best for your hair type. Many girls are opting for different types of gajra instead of hair extensions.

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