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The Trendiest Engagement Ring Styles for Modern Brides

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Whether you’re in the market for an engagement ring or just looking to update your current one, there are plenty of options out there. Getting engaged is one of the best and most memorable things that can happen in life. The perfect ring is the icing on the cake. But there are so many styles and designs to choose from that it can be hard to know what to pick. The old rules don’t apply anymore. 

Now, it’s all about the person and the engagement ring that shows off their style, taste, and values. Also, there is a sparkling wine for every budget. So, if you’re planning to ask your partner to marry you or want to give them ideas about what to buy, keep reading our guide to all the different kinds of engagement rings.

From traditional and traditional-looking sets to contemporary and avant-garde styles, you can find a ring that fits your personal style and taste. Here are some of the best ring styles trending right now:

Toi Et Moi

Couples seeking more ring options are opting for the Toi et Moi style, which features two stones instead of one and, in many cases, a mix of diamonds and cuts in unique settings.

In recent years, celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Emily Ratajkowski, and Megan Fox have been photographed wearing “you and me” (Toi et Moi) rings after getting engaged. Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi both wear matching rings.

The Toi et Moi ring has a long and interesting history that goes back to the 18th century when Napoleon Bonaparte gave his future wife, Josephine, an engagement ring with a blue sapphire and a white diamond set in gold. Toi Et Moi was founded by two French women who wanted to create rings that were beautiful yet modernized through their craftsmanship techniques. 

The result? A collection of engagement rings that combines traditional elements like diamonds with more contemporary touches like minimalist designs or sleek metal bands.

Gender-Neutral Rings

Gender-neutral rings are a great option for couples who want to express their love without being limited by traditional gender roles and definitions. Natural Diamond Council’s (NDC) first jewelry trend report for 2021 also shows that men and women are wearing the same jewelry these days but in very different ways. This is what gender-fluid jewelry is all about.

Gender-neutral rings can be made from any material and feature any design, which means the possibilities are endless.

Colorful Gemstones

If you’re looking for a ring that will make a statement, colorful gemstones are a great place to start. You can visit the local jewelers or explore a reputed online jewelry shop and ‌take a look at their gemstone collection. 

You’ll find a plethora of new gemstones that are way trendier and unique as compared to traditional rings. You’ll find a plethora of new gemstones that are way trendier and unique as compared to traditional rings. Engagement rings and wedding bands can be made with gemstones of any color, so it’s up to you.can be made with gemstones of any color, so it’s up to you.

  • Emerald: For an elegant and feminine look, try an emerald engagement ring. This green stone has been a popular choice for brides since ancient Egypt.
  • Amethyst: The deep purple shade of amethysts makes them perfect for those who want something luxurious but not flashy or ostentatious. They have long been associated with royalty, making them perfect for royal weddings or anyone else who wants to feel like one!
  • Sapphire: Sapphires are another popular choice because they come in such a wide range of colors, from bright blue all the way down to dark indigo. If you’re looking for something understated yet still full of personality, sapphires are definitely worth considering.

Vintage Nostalgia

Vintage rings are a great way to add personality to your ring. If you’re looking for something that shows how much your love history is, a vintage engagement ring may be just what you need. 

From traditional or classic styles like diamonds and pearls to unique pieces with antique designs, vintage engagement rings can be used to show off your individuality while still being beautiful and timeless.

Contoured Stacks

Contoured stacks, also known as contour rings, are a great way to show off multiple diamonds. This style is shaped like a pyramid and has been around for decades. The contoured design keeps all of the diamonds facing forward so that they can be seen by everyone in the room.

Because of their unique shape, these designs work best with diamonds of different shapes and sizes, but they’re also ideal for people who want to wear two rings together (for example, one engagement ring and then another wedding band.)

Black Ice

Black ice rings are a type of ring made from black diamonds, and they’re popular with both men and women. If you’re looking for an engagement ring that’s both eye-catching and fashionable, a black ice ring could be just what you need.

Carbonado is another name for black diamonds. They are very rare and can only be found in nature in Brazil and Central Africa. While this can poke a hole in the pocket, there are also some budget-friendly styles you can tweak for black ice rings.

Black ice rings come in a variety of styles, but they’re all made from the same materials: black diamonds or other types of darkly colored stones. While most people think of white diamonds as traditional engagement rings, dark-colored stones are also beautiful—and they can have their own unique style.

Modern Bridal Sets

If you’re looking for a way to keep things simple but still feel like you have two rings on your finger, then a Modern Bridal Set is perfect for you. These sets consist of one engagement ring and a wedding band that is designed as one piece. The engagement ring will be either set in a halo or surrounded by diamonds around the entire band. This kind of look allows the couple to save money because they only need to buy one ring instead of two separate ones.

The best part about these sets is that they can be worn together as well as separately. If you decide later down the road that not all your friends know about each other yet (or worse: already do), then there’s no problem!

Each For A Different Personality

When you’re looking for the perfect ring, it’s important to be aware of the different styles. Some are more modern, and some are more traditional. Some have a bit of feminine flair, and others are masculine.

There are so many rings out there in this world, and you just have to find one that speaks to your personal sense of style.

The engagement ring is one of the most important moments in a couple’s life. It symbolizes their love and commitment to each other. The ring can also be an expression of a bride-to-be’s personal style and taste, which is why it’s important for her to choose something that fits her personality. 

There are plenty of options to choose from when looking at engagement ring styles, so don’t worry if you can’t decide right away.

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