US communications agency plans cybersecurity boost to protect Internet of Things

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A US communications regulator is aiming to beef up cybersecurity for smart devices and to make it more difficult for hackers to get access to network-connected homes. The federal agency has a plan pointed, but due to Trump transition further steps are on hold.
The Federal Communications Commission has refused to officially share the measures it plans to take to protect Americans, but Chairman Tom Wheeler has shared that the program is designed to “reduce the risk.”

The plan proposes that the NPRM include “a cybersecurity certification (possibly self-certification)” and “a consumer labeling requirement to address any asymmetry in the availability of information and help consumers understand and make better decisions regarding the potential cyber risks of a product or service.”
Wheeler’s plan also has a plan to issue a “notice of inquiry” which will keep record and identify residual risk in the IoT field.
He also mentioned that there should also be a Cybersecurity Forum for Independent and Executive Branch Regulators to coordinate regulatory approaches to address loT residual risks across the broader regulatory environment.

However, Wheeler said the FCC will take some more time, “some of the next steps in light of the impending change in administrations,” while stressing that “the normal transition of a new president” should not stall the process.

Senator Warner’s statement said he “applauded” the response of the FCC, stating that it “offers a plan to reduce risks from insecure devices, provides the incoming Trump Administration with a roadmap for additional work in this area.”



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