The 3 Signs That You Have Been Unfairly Terminated

The 3 Signs That You Have Been Unfairly Terminated

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When you have a good job with good leadership and you are finding yourself performing poorly, a true leader will help pick you up and move on. A company with bad leadership will make things difficult through discrimination or harassment creating a toxic workplace. In fact, you may even be wrongfully terminated in an environment like that. 

If you think you’ve been wrongly let go from your job, it can be a tough and confusing time. Employees can seek help when faced with termination, however you need to know what the signs are that you were fired without reason. In this article, we will go over some of the signs to look for when you’ve been let go from a job. 

1. You were discriminated against

Losing your job can be hard, but it’s even harder when the reason behind it isn’t right. One of the main wrong reasons people get fired is discrimination. If you were facing a lot of hostility that you felt was based on your race, religion, gender, or other protected class of worker, then you were likely fired for that same reason. 

If you heard jokes or comments about who you are then this is a warning sign that you could be fired for no reason. Sometimes these signs are clear, like a boss saying something mean directly to you. But at other times, it can be more hidden, like being passed over for a promotion without a clear reason.

If these instances sound familiar and then you were fired, you probably have a wrongful termination case to make. So, connect with your wrongful termination lawyer los angeles, and explain the whole scenario to them. They can fight for you and help you get the right compensation.

2. You were retaliated against

An instance of retaliation can look something like this: You see something wrong happening at work, like someone breaking the law, and you tell a superior about it. Instead of being commended for letting them know, you now feel like you are being punished for doing the right thing. 

Maybe you start getting poor performance reviews after a period of only good ones. Or, your hours get cut without warning knowing you have a family to feed. This is retaliation and in itself is legal. If you are fired as a result of speaking up then this is a clear cut case of wrongful termination. If you think your company let you go as a form of punishment, it’s important to remember that you have rights that protect you.

3. Breach of contract

One of the easiest cases of wrongful termination to prove is when there is a breach of contract. If the company doesn’t keep their side of the agreement and fires you without following the rules in the contract, then they’ve broken their promise. This is known as a “breach of contract”.

An example would be if there are steps the company has to follow before firing someone, like giving warnings, but they skip those steps, that’s another sign of a breach.

Contracts are there to protect both the worker and the company so if you were terminated you still have some protections.

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