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Doesn’t matter if you are an experienced retailer, or if you are just taking your first steps as an online reseller. Everyone involved in the online business values useful information about how to take advantage of social platforms to boost their sales.

Nowadays social media platforms have a huge impact on how other users perceive our online presence. Social networks, such as Facebook, have enabled a new channel to build up a relationship between customers and sellers, opening a new global market.

There are more than 4 billion active users of social platforms worldwide. Imagine what this can represent for a business, the question is; how to harness the power of social media? 

Low cost marketing strategy 

If you like to know how to sell on fb marketplace faster, one of the main advantages users can take from social media is advertising. These platforms allow users to perform a really low cost marketing strategy with a lot of potential, and on top of that offers the chance to reach a new customer base.

So, step number one will be to start to identify the social networks where most of your targeted clients are. 

Knowing your targeted customer is important especially when it comes to marketing strategies. Is important to gather as much information as possible about the preferences of the potential clients. Once you know, you can have a better idea where to find them, and more important how to approach them through your listings. 

Is crucial to have an active presence in the platforms you are planning to sell. Make sure to interact with the users, and take note of their needs and concerns.  Providing helpful advice is an excellent way to gain a positive reputation among users. Listen to what they are saying about other products.

It’s recommended to have a personal touch on online interactions, for example if  users are sharing how happy they are with an item that we provide, it’s key to thank them personally. This can lead to good reviews and more engagement.

Back your marketing strategy with real data

Social platforms gather a lot of data from users, and some of that information is available to the us. This information could be useful to make decisions and to get to know your potential customers better.

We can access analytics to know demographic information about the users that are engaging with our listings. This tool is crucial to have a better understanding on how to design an efficient marketing strategy.

Be useful for your customers

As we mentioned before, social media platforms have brought a new way of relationship between customers and sellers. Every day more and more people are turning to social media to find useful information or to find solutions.

Make sure to be responsive, and responsable on your advice and service. Reputation is a great asset when selling online. Also don’t forget to do a good research about your targeted clients so you get to know their needs, make the most of all the advantages social media has to offer to your business, and make the most of it!

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