A Trip To Paradise: Why You Should Not Neglect Travel Insurance In Bali

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Bali is a traveller’s paradise in so many ways. It is easily accessible, especially from Australia, and small enough to get around, yet offers an exciting array of climates and stunning vistas, from the cloud-enveloped towns of the volcano rims to the humid jungles, picturesque rice fields and black sand beaches.

However unique and memorable Bali is, there is always the potential for it to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Chief among them is the risk of injury or illness. Tropical mosquito-borne diseases aside, some typical risks are associated with a trip to Bali. This article will examine them and explain why you should always have travel insurance for Bali. 

While it is undoubtedly true that many tourists enter Bali without travel insurance, it is technically a prerequisite of any visit there. Immigration officers can be notoriously fickle, and if it is your bad luck to arrive on a week when they have been instructed to check that all visitors have travel insurance for Bali, you will be left floundering at the airport, trying to secure yourself some.

Two-wheeled madness

Riding a two-wheeled vehicle in Bali is perfectly feasible and can be one of the most exciting, life-affirming ways to explore this wonderful island. However, if you are inexperienced and need more confidence, Bali is not the place to gain that experience. Most travel insurance for Bali will contain caveats to deny assistance if you sustain injuries from riding a scooter or motorcycle. The number of foreigners that can be seen zipping around shirtless is alarming, but what is truly terrifying is that so many refuse to wear helmets. Don’t become part of a sad, avoidable statistic.

Medical coverage

Above all else, the element for which you need comprehensive coverage in any travel insurance for Bali is medical issues. It is easy to forget that Indonesia falls far short of Western countries in many aspects of life, and medical facilities and treatment are among them. Although some good quality medical facilities can be found in Bali, many cheaper, less reliable ones are in the mix. The best facilities can generally be relied upon in an emergency but often come with an extreme price tag. And that is not hyperbole merely for the sake of it; any extended stay in hospital and complex, high-level treatments are so expensive you can expect to re-mortgage your home if you do not have travel insurance for Bali.

Specific coverage to look for in your travel insurance for Bali

All other considerations pale into insignificance compared to the medical coverage any policy provides. Some insurance companies offer medical-only policies for travellers who want to minimise costs and are prepared to sacrifice the broader benefits of comprehensive travel insurance for Bali. Pay close attention to everything included and double-check that some, if not all, the following are included: 

  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Overseas medical/hospital expenses
  • Dental cover


Bali is a wonderful place, and we cannot recommend visiting enough, but it is essential to have medical coverage if nothing else. Most trips will be an idyllic glimpse of a tropical paradise without a hitch, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

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