TP-Link is coming up with Deco M9 Plus mesh router

TP-Link is coming up with Deco M9 Plus mesh router

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The new TP-Link Deco M9 Plus mesh router connects your computers, smartphones, and other devices to the internet like other routers, but there’s more. The Deco M9 Plus also contains a smart home hub for controlling IoT devices.

The common feature is that this is a tri-band router, instead of a dual band one, which means it, should allow for even faster speeds. Like most tri-band routers, the M9 Plus sets up a dedicated network for communication between router units, allowing for faster operation for the networks connected to phone and computer.

Built-in smart home automation

The Deco M9 Plus does have some upgrades to its core network, with tri-band AC2200 WiFi that can handle over 100 devices at once. It has two gigabit Ethernet jacks and a USB 2.0 port if user wants t attach printers and other wired devices.

Inside the Deco M9 Plus, it has Bluetooth and ZigBee antennas in addition to WiFi. That allows controlling smart home devices including switches, lights, motion sensors, locks, and so much more. TP-Link has also included support for both IFTTT and Alexa. Thus, users can control the router and devices paired to it with automatic rules. TP-Link even has a new Alexa skill to change router settings.



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