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Top 5 Electric Vehicle Charging Networks in the US

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As the governments in the US as well as around the world are enacting stricter emission norms, the world started moving swiftly towards the adoption of electric vehicles. However, the biggest concern with the electric vehicles was their range limitation. To overcome this issue, several companies have now started to establish charging stations across cities in the United States. As the demand for electric vehicle increase, the number of charging stations is also increasing at a brisk pace. The companies are receiving funding for broadening their network. Recently, ChargePoint, a California based Electric Vehicle charging network raised $127 million funding in a bid to expand its platform for businesses and fleets in North America and Europe. This extended ChargePoint’s total funding to $660 million.

Here are the top 5 electric vehicle charging networks in the United States.

  1. ChargePoint

ChargePoint is the world’s largest network of electric vehicle charging stations and operates in 14 countries. It has 114700 AC and DC charging stations around the world. Any electric vehicle such as passenger cars, delivery vehicles, buses, etc. can be charged at ChargePoint’s stations. The company has built a fully integrated portfolio of hardware, cloud services, and support with the best technology in the industry.

  1. EVgo

EVgo is an established charging network in the US. The company is building partnerships with retail hosts, hotels, shopping centers, gas station parking lot operators, and more to make charging convenient. The company offers more than 1200 DC fast chargers across 750 locations in 34 states. It is also adding Level 2 station access via its partnership agreements with ChargePoint, Electrify America, and EV Connect.

  1. EV Connect

EV Connect offers commercial, retail, and residential infrastructure solutions along with open protocol software for EVSEs. It delivers a mix of Level 2 and 3 stations across the US and Canada. The company has a large concentration of charging stations on the east and west coast of the US.

  1. Blink Charging

Blink Charging is one of the early pioneers in Level 2 and Level 3 charging infrastructure across the US. Incepted in 2009, It has 3253 sites and covers approximately 27 states in the US. The company has the largest concentration of charging stations in California, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and Washington.

  1. Electrify America

Started in 2016, Electrify America is comparatively a new charging station network in the US. The company has a mission to spend $2 billion on the electric car charging infrastructure in the US. It has 294 stations across the country, with most of the locations focused on the interstate and long-distance travel. The second stage of the program will also include Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.

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