The 8 Best Tools to Remove the Background from Photos Online in 2023

The 8 Best Tools to Remove the Background from Photos Online in 2023

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Professionals usually require a long time to remove background from photos using Photoshop. However, people who aren’t professionals in photo editing and enhancing usually don’t know the tricks to remove background using these professional tools. If you are looking for a photo background remover to meet your occasional needs, an online photo background remover can be your best bet.

 Fortunately, you don’t need to spend hours removing the background from a photo online. Instead, it will be just a matter of a few clicks for you. 

What’s an online photo background remover? 

An online background remover can help you cut and remove any background from your images. A photo background remover typically uses advanced image processing techniques. It helps to automatically separate the main subject of a photograph from its background.  

The key function of these tools is to remove the background efficiently and accurately without compromising its central subject. Consequently, you will get a crisp and clean image. 

An online photo background removal is used for multiple reasons. People usually remove background online in:

  • E-commerce and product photography to enhance their item’s visibility and professionalism. 
  • Graphic design and marketing to create branding and marketing materials 
  • Personal and social media are used to achieve a polished look and artistic flexibility. 
  • Photo editing and creativity to blend subjects into new environments or manipulate images. 
  • Photography studios and professionals to isolate subjects and replace backgrounds

In short, photo background remover online is useful in various scenarios to streamline the background removal process while saving time and effort. 

The 8 Best Tools to Remove the Background from Photos Online

Here we have reviewed the top 8 best photo background removers online for you:

1. HitPaw Online Background Remover

HitPaw is an online background remover that can let you make your images look professional. You can customize your images professionally using this tool to get eye-catching results. 

The best thing about HitPaw online background remover is that it also offers bulk background removal features. This feature will let you remove background online in batch cutout using smart AI. You can change up to 50 images at once. Besides that, the background eraser will let you get transparent backgrounds without any pro editing skills. HitPaw is 100% safe to use and lets you remove background-free. You can customize your background, make it transparent, or change color according to your needs. 

You can even add shadow effects to your images. 

  • You can choose your image to edit its background. 
  • Click the image and select your required editing option from the available templates. 
  • Click download to save the image. 

2. is another free source to remove background from photos online. It can help you to turn your picture background transparent with AI. Then, you can change your image background to whatever you want. 

The only drawback of this free background remover is that it doesn’t offer any real way to touch up your images. However, you can export images from different sources to to create solid color backgrounds and simple foregrounds. 

2. PixCut

PixCut is another lucrative online photo background remover to keep you on the right track. The tool can automatically select your chosen image and turn its background transparent while keeping the edges perfect. You can also use the tool to easily remove unwanted objects from your photographs. 

Using PixCut to remove background from photos online is quite straightforward. 

  • You just need to drop your image or upload it from your preferred source. 
  • Let the PixCut remove its background automatically. 
  • Download the resultant image to use it for any purpose. 

4. is an AI photo editing platform that individual users, developers, and businesses can use. It offers various features, including photo retouching, background removal, photo enhancer, etc. 

The tool is also familiar for its reliable privacy protection policy. 

Above all, you can also use to remove the background from images in batch. So, enjoy the hassle-free and registration-free way to remove background-free with 

5. BGremover

BGremover is a powerful online photo background remover that seamlessly removes backgrounds from any available image. The AI technology allows this tool to remove images with enhanced precision. 

You just need to upload the image whose background you want to remove. The tool will accurately detect the image’s edges to remove its background without requiring manual adjustments. 

It can let you remove backgrounds within seconds. 

6. Background Eraser

Are you looking for a simple online photo background remover? Then, this tool can work right for you. The tool can even offer you a little more to enhance your creativity. The magic mode of the background eraser will let you detect and remove the background automatically without leaving any traces. 

Consequently, you can have a clean, crisp image with a transparent background. 

7. PicWish

PicWish is a photo background remover online that allows creators to add background effects for a creative touch. This background removal also offers a few extra features. These typically include:

  • One-click background removal 
  • Adding background effects 
  • Adding filters to images 

You can use these special frames, effects, and filters to add a creative touch to your images. 

8. Slazzer

Another free background remover here is Slazzer, which uses AI to remove backgrounds from photos online. You can use this online tool to remove background from a single image or download its desktop versions to do the task on bulk items. 

Fortunately, this background remover can be integrated with all the common OS to remove image background within seconds. 


  1. Can I edit the photo background?  

Fortunately, yes. HitPaw offers a seamless photo editing function that removes, edits, or even adds solid colors to your photo background without hassle. You can either use a built-in template or make editing to your images online as per your needs. 

  1. What’s the best background remover on PC? 

Arguably, HitPaw is the best background remover on PC and online. This tool can remove the background from one image or even a batch of images at once. 

  1. Can I add a shadow effect to make the photo more vivid?

HitPaw’s Add Shadow effect feature allows you to make your photos more vivid and natural. Clicking “Add Shadow Effect” here will automatically create the effect. 


We are living in a world where visual content is more important. Therefore, the demand for online background removers is increasing daily, as everyone wants to make their images look more creative and enhanced. 

From tons of online background remover tools available in the market, choosing the best one can be overwhelming. However, HitPaw can be a go-to tool for you to consider here. This tool offers you a variety of background removal and other photo editing features for a seamless experience. 

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