Packing Smart: Strategies for an Organized and Efficient Move

Packing Smart: Strategies for an Organized and Efficient Move

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Moving to another city or country is an unforgettable experience that brings new opportunities and promises. You’re all set to begin a new chapter of your life, but simultaneously, you feel the anxiety of entering a completely unfamiliar environment. This is especially true if you’re bidding farewell to the sun-kissed beaches of Fort Lauderdale and moving miles away from a place you have called home for years. 

Rising inflation, skyrocketing housing prices, and the cost of living 22% higher than the national average have compelled many people to move out of Fort Lauderdale and seek better opportunities overseas. Whether your long-distance move is motivated by the same reasons or stems from your distinct aspirations, embarking on a long-distance move comes with unique challenges. And the biggest one among them all is packing for the move itself.

Without careful planning, sorting and packing your belongings almost always results in disaster. This is why we’ve come up with some tried-and-tested packing tips for a smooth and hassle-free long-distance move. Let’s dig in and explore some valuable information on how to make your move more organized and efficient. 

1. Leave it to the Pros

Moving to a distant city or a new country from Fort Lauderdale is no easy feat. You must coordinate your temporary accommodations or storage, the immigration process, and traveling. Instead of taking on the cumbersome task of packing, you can take advantage of the affordable full-service options many renowned long-distance moving companies in Fort Lauderdale offer. If South America is your next destination, you can request for moving from Fort Lauderdale to South America quote online, and that too, instantly and free of charge. 

Full-service options allow you to leverage the expertise of packing professionals who help pack your belongings for a safe international move. They ensure all your belongings are duly cleared from customs and shipped via the best available fleet. Movers also ensure that all your belongings are unpacked and furniture is reassembled upon your arrival at the destination. If your belongings have to wait until you rent an accommodation, your moving company will keep your items safely stored in a climate-controlled environment for as long as you need. 

Above all, moving companies provide a standard insurance valuation, so you are rest assured that your items will stay safe during the journey, and the company will be liable for any damages incurred during the transport. 

2. Sell All You Can

Moving companies charge you based on the total distance traveled, the mode of transport, the weight of belongings, and the space they will take on the carrier. The more items you add to your baggage, the higher your total moving cost will be. 

If you’re moving long distances to a new city or a country away from Fort Lauderdale, it’s best to lighten up the load on your carrier and sell as many items as possible to reduce the moving cost. Once you move into your new accommodation, you can purchase new items based on the space requirements and your new lifestyle. 

So, before you start packing your boxes, list all the items you want to sell – from more oversized items like furniture and appliances to even the tiniest trinkets you want to get rid of. You can hold a quick garage sale, drop the items off at the nearest thrift store, or list items on websites like eBay. This will reduce the number of things to pack and unpack and help you start your new life overseas with a minimalist approach. 

3. Make a Complete List of Items to Move 

Compiling a complete list of packing items helps you streamline the entire process and makes your life much easier. Go from room to room and make a complete list of things you want to bring along. This may include essentials like clothing and accessories, bedding, draperies, books, decorations, and kitchen essentials. Keep your list as short as possible, and only have items necessary for your relocation. 

Buy Packing Supplies According to Your Packing List 

Once you’ve created your list, proofread it and then estimate the amount of packing supplies you’ll need to pack all these items properly. Here’s a list of packing items you’ll need:

  • Packing boxes of various sizes and materials, including simple cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, custom crates, and plastic containers (if needed)
  • Paper and foam sheets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Packing peanuts
  • Thermopol sheets
  • Plastic wrap
  • Pair of scissors or paper cutter
  • Toolkit
  • Markers for labeling

No one wants a last-minute scramble for extra packing materials only because they failed to correctly estimate the amount of packing supplies needed in the first place. To avoid such a scenario, purchase at least 2-3 extra packs of items for each type of packing supplies on the list. 

4. Reuse What You Have

Nothing secures fragile items better than quilts, bed linens, and towels. If you have any of these on your throw-away list, don’t throw them. You can use these old items to pack your belongings safely and save some bucks at the end of the day. 

Also, collect all your plastic boxes, large containers, and new garbage bags because they’ll come in handy when packing your items and putting them in bigger containers. Instead of packing smaller and more delicate items like jewelry, stationary, self-grooming items, cutlery, and smaller toys in cardboard boxes, place them inside the plastic containers and seal these containers before they finally go into a crate or giant box. This will secure your delicate belongings from being damaged or lost and keep them well-organized. For more oversized fragile items like decorative vases, timepieces, and crystal or glass items, we recommend wrapping them in bed linens, towels, or old newspapers and fitting them into a perfectly sized box. This will help them stay in place during the journey and prevent damage.

Still no idea what to do with those garbage bags? It’s simple! As you systematically pack your belongings room by room, have a garbage bag at hand. Use it to dispose of clutter and disposable items to effectively multitask as you pack. This approach will help you efficiently eliminate unwanted belongings while moving forward with your packing process.

5. Label Boxes with Color Code

If you think packing is a hassle, wait until you start sifting packed boxes on your arrival. If your packages are not labelled properly, you might end up rummaging through boxes to find things you need, trying to figure out which box belongs to which room. 

To avoid this confusion, label each box with a list of items packed inside each box. Assign a color code to each room and paste the color strip on the corresponding boxes. This will help you streamline your unpacking process and sift boxes according to their destined room as soon as they’re unloaded. 

6. Pack The Most Important Items Last

When packing your belongings for a long-distance move, follow the last-in-first-out rule. The items you’ll be needing right away when you arrive at your destination should be packed last and opened first. Create a separate list of these items and ensure they are correctly labeled so it’s easier to locate them once they’re unloaded. 

Wrapping Up

Moving to a new city or state outside Fort Lauderdale can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Remember, packing is the most significant segment of your long-distance move. With the above simple and useful packing strategies and tips, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free moving experience from start to finish.

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