The Top 10 payment & card solution providers of 2018

In the early years of the 1980s industry boom, customer-selected PINs on cards and the first 2-Factor authentication devices came out. At a microcircuit chip conference in 1989, industry leaders anticipated that magnetic stripe cards would be replaced and phased out by chip cards within the next 4 years. Thirty years later, these technologies are not only enduring, but also developing and evolving in combination with each other. Cashless online technologies are bound to change the ….
Chris Garrido, President, TEMPOE, LLC
TEMPOE: Assisting Retailers By Putting Retail Within Reach For Their Consumer
In today’s fast-paced world, the shift to a cashless and ...
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PayRemit: Answer To the Migrants’ Credit Woes
Majority of Philippine and Indian migrant workers receive their salaries ...
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India Transact
India Transact Services: Simplifying Transaction Processes within Digital Payment Ecosystem
Since last few years, the Indian payment industry has gone ...
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Electronic Payment
Electronic Payment and Services: Driving Innovation In The ATM & Payments Industry Landscape
In today’s fast-paced world, digital is the new buzz. Like ...
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Chosen Payments
Chosen Payments: Creating Payments Solutions for Seamless and Valued Transaction
Conventional modes of payments have transformed drastically ranging from debit, ...
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Tech-Investment Corner

Digital Fundraising
Best Digital Fundraising Tactics to Watch
Digital fundraising is constantly evolving and it is important to ...
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Human Face
Human Face To Act As A Payment Card
Since the new iPhone X was released, everyone’s been talking ...
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