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Chosen Payments: Creating Payments Solutions for Seamless and Valued Transaction

Chosen Payments

Conventional modes of payments have transformed drastically ranging from debit, credit cards to e-wallets due to the evolvement of digital technologies. Consumers are going with the rule of convenience using these progressing trends. Similarly, merchants and merchant service providers are adopting these changes for the efficient process to offer seamless payment methods. People are embracing the latest and simpler digital methods over traditional ones because they get digital records and automatically updated accounts for their transactions.

Today, the consumer has no need to carry cash and queues are getting shorter at merchant locations. Besides this, the payment processor still has to authorize and settle transactions; however, less hardware and software is involved in some scenarios in which the MSP is able to earn larger net profits by having less out of pocket expenses in old hardware. This has also weeded out many bad seeds and inexperienced payment providers either who focused on making money via terminal leasing or who are not doing the solution based selling.

Headquartered in Moorpark, CA, Chosen Payments has greatly excelled in this environment with its solutions and long-term partnership approach. Chosen Payments uses its technology experience to offer various options of cost savings, increased efficiency, and stronger relationships to earn a spot as the most trusted processor in many niche industries.

Market Focused Approach to Offer Technology-Powered Services

Founded with the merchants in mind, Chosen Payments specialize in custom business solutions for merchants to help businesses cut operational costs and increase revenue. Chosen Payments is not only a partner but also a business consultant for merchants across the nation. The award-winning organization’s services include credit card processing, check processing, gift/loyalty, ATM, merchant cash advance, and mobile applications.

Unlike traditional payment service providers, Chosen Payments focuses on becoming expert in vertical markets. To achieve this, the leading payment solutions provider collaborates with the industry associations and buying groups within their targeted niche industries to offer unparalleled education to the industries served. While serving as an advance payment processor, Chosen Payments leverages its technology and solutions experience to help merchants achieve larger net profits by reducing the cost of accepting credit cards as compared to their counterparts.

Assisting Clients to Achieve Fast Success with its Best-In-Class Solutions

While developing close relationships with clients, Chosen Payments’ team follows the most efficient and profitable way with a full scope of work and solutions. Almost all the clients of Chosen Payments are referring to the company because of its much-enhanced overall solution experience, available at a lower cost than the other solution providers. The leading payment solutions provider company provides such solutions due to its pre and post-implementation strategies. Additionally, Chosen Payment ensures 24/7 dedicated in-house support to its clients and considering all the clients as its partners, Chosen Payments team strives to provide a seamless and flawless system experience to them. The Moorpark, California based payment space company believes that its success lies with merchant satisfaction.

Founders’ In-Depth Knowledge Contributing Towards Chosen Payments’ Success

Started as the CEO, President, CFO, CTO, CIO, receptionist, and janitor of the Chosen Payments, Founder of Chosen Payments, Jeff Brodsly has handled the company from its infant stage. Jeff started from the initial start-up phase and ran the company alone for the first few years allowed him to hone how the services he was selling, supporting, and building should be done. Now, with the efforts of Jeff, Chosen Payments has grown into an amazing company with a very effective leadership team. Nowadays, Jeff’s focus is in steering the direction of the company and its 136 team members, engaging large strategic partnerships, adding enterprise level clients, and supporting the COO, CFO, CTO, and Director of Sales. With these partnerships, new business development and initiatives fall on the founder and he loves doing that work. Jeff refers to his team as his family and feels proud to have them because, without his team, he would not be able to do the things needed to be a true CEO of a rapidly growing company. From an operations standpoint, the Director of Operations and COO ensures smooth operations across the company. Furthermore, Jeff gives input and directions to both of them; however, they are very good at what they do and that is the key to Chosen Payments’ rapid growth and success.

Maintaining the Top Position by Implementing Own Inventive Technologies

Chosen Payments team creates its own technologies in many solution scenarios. Moreover, the leading payment solutions provider develops custom solutions for various markets according to client necessities. Thus, the custom solutions enable Chosen Payments to offer a full POS, ERP, or software system suite that help its customers to improve their current systems. In addition, Chosen Payments has various custom gateways, including e-commerce, and integration with many Point-of-Sale software systems. Likewise, Chosen Payments’ B2B solutions offer its services at much lower costs compared to its counterparts and its simple retail merchant applications enable small and medium businesses to compete with larger firms. Chosen Payment stands apart from its competititors because it delivers all the promised solutions without prioritizing the profits.

Broad Clientele Base and Continuous Expansion across the World

Chosen Payments specializes in various markets including hospitality, pet care, luxury ground transportation, funeral, moving and storage, home housewares, jewelry, uniform, motorsports, auto repair, auto dealers, enterprise B2B merchants and many more. Along with its expansion, Chosen Payments is truly an innovative company that offers many services.

Using its personalized White Glove Service approach and delivering best-in-class services via a trusted partnership model, Chosen Payments has earned the reputation as “The Industries Most Trusted Credit Card Processor”. Due to its morals, values, and passion for its innovative solutions, Chosen Payments’ team knows that all clients are partners and it treats them equally with respect. This makes its customers grateful to be a Chosen One with Chosen Payments.”