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In the early years of the 1980s industry boom, customer-selected PINs on cards and the first 2-Factor authentication devices came out. At a microcircuit chip conference in 1989, industry leaders anticipated that magnetic stripe cards would be replaced and phased out by chip cards within the next 4 years. Thirty years later, these technologies are not only enduring, but also developing and evolving in combination with each other.

Cashless online technologies are bound to change the balance of proportion of cash use versus technology-based payments. Then again, retailers and customers continue to trust cash-in-hand or precious metal commodities, mainly less stable economies with experience of financial collapse. A country’s ability to support the required technical infrastructure remains massively different across the world. In the USA, over the past decade, overabundance of metal investment traders have also emerged claiming shares for personal investment portfolios. Evidently, these prevaricate against single location wealth risks.

In these days, no single leader is likely to enter in worldwide interoperable technologies, or to replace the other physical negotiables in today’s cashless race. MillenTech CTI understands that financial stability, security, and trust are key drivers to acceptance of the multiplicity of varied technologies and physical value bearing payment negotiables working together in parallel, and is therefore developing more secure card and ID management solutions.

MillenTech, Leading the Innovation In ID Management Keeping Security In The Focus

MillenTech, the ID Management company, has been operating in the industry practically for 30 years and sister company Card Testing International (CTI), for 22 years. MillenTech provides best practice payment authentication solutions for Payments, Card Reading, PIN Encrypting and Encoding, and ID Card/Document solutions. Their security solutions for payments are designed to meet EMV Chip Cards, PCI mandates, evolving digitalization variable length and biometric/password/passwordless secure portal product sets, working with their American and AsiaPac strategic partners.

CTI is the company’s American-owned Electro-Physical Card testing laboratory for foremost Bank Card Schemes and is a world leader in testing electronically active biometric and display card technology. CTI maintains major worldwide banks QC acceptance partnership and manufactures new product development via its world leading accredited laboratory testing to mandated Card Scheme Electro-Physical ISO requirements.

Skilled Leader Who Steered MillenTech Towards Success

CEO of MillenTech CTI Group, Ron DeDera has a drive for continuous improvement that stems from his early career as a graduate of geological and laboratory science, and his passion for electronics and test tools. Ron is motivated by innovation and a desire to assist the clients’ competitiveness in the business sector. The company’s growth has been fundamentally organic with “real current needs” driving solutions development, rather than higher risk “blue sky design”. He is actively involved as a:

  • Go-To mentor in key areas of data security and new product enhancements/developments.
  • Executive lead to future and post-sales SLA support strategies.
  • “Strategic Partnerships” and investment considerations to enable the company’s accelerated growth opportunities.

Innovative Stack of Services Rendered

MillenTech has a wide range of services for multiple problems faced by the payment gateways. The company has forayed into these areas –

  • Card Testing Lab (ISO & Scheme Accredited), provides world leading Bank Issuer Acceptance Testing for international interoperability to all major international Schemes. Test services include: the latest VISA Innovative Card & AMEX Enabled Accredited, CQM, Manufacturers New Dev. Testing, ID and Drivers Licences, Encoding Bureaus and EMV Chip Card Issuers.
  • Personalized PIN, which is an instant issuance and PIN Selection banking solution for magnetic stripe and EMV cards (debit and credit cards). PIN-on-Card or PIN-on-Host for easy convenient and simple Customer Select PIN (CSP) system with effortless implementation.
  • ID Management, Digital/Digitalization Product Solutions including: Mobile Passwordless Biometrics, Online and Remote Banking 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), Multi-Level Alphanumeric Password Protected Portal Internal Access, Internal and External Encrypted Secure Document Exchange.
  • SignInMate, a digital visitor register to replace the mundane visitor sign-in sheets, log book and paper based attendance records. Perfect for both manned and unmanned receptions, it allows greater efficiency of reception areas with quick and easy guest sign-in and sign-out.
  • Consultancy and Support, a full care support and maintenance model that incorporates real-time remote helpdesk monitoring for quick first-line diagnostics. It can reduce third party support costs and increase device fleet-up-time.

Standing Tall In The Cut-throat Market

CTI has the largest number of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited tests of any electro-physical card lab in the world. CTI’s own CTO Steve DeDera is the official ISO/IEC elected editor of the 10373-1 test standard that all cards and passports are tested to worldwide. An active coalface involvement affords an expansive knowledge in the latest emerging technologies i.e. active displays, biometric and powered cards, to name just a few. Active enhancement of their international accreditation to meet the major international Card Schemes maintains CTI as a world leader in credibility and experience in over 35 countries.

MillenTech CTI’s unblemished reputation as a trusted partner with on-time product delivery to clients is evidenced by their growth and success.

Serving the Clients With Distinct Offerings

MillenTech has a clear understanding of their customers’ real needs and future proofing goals. The company recognizes the shortage of internal client resources available to engage internal development, technical integration requirements, and customizes solutions accordingly. MillenTech, with its nearly 30 years of experience, delivers products with least impact to clients’ internal technical resources. The company has simplified the solutions for clients with simpler sets of interface software “hooks” and applications for remote PIN-on-Host or branch PIN, Passwordless & Biometric ID digital solutions, and AML ID bank branch solutions. MillenTech’s focus on integrated product solutions enables implementation curves of less than 4 months.

Long Term Client Relationships

MillenTech developed a regional 1st bank branch online PIN system installed at Bangkok Bank, Thailand, with 700 positions which then grew to over 3000 positions in 25 years. A number of other large enterprise installations are now in 10+ years of operation. MillenTech is renowned for Online PINing solutions used in AsiaPac banks since the company’s inception. Their American partner MagTek Inc. is developing QwickCards Instant Issue Online/Cloud PIN products for their special markets using EMV chip/mag cards and world renowned card reading products.

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