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TEMPOE: Assisting Retailers By Putting Retail Within Reach For Their Consumer

Chris Garrido, President, TEMPOE, LLC

In today’s fast-paced world, the shift to a cashless and mobile economy is changing the face of retailing. Making purchases through a mobile wallet is now the expectation rather than the exception. Many businesses—from airlines to parking meters, and even some restaurants—no longer even except cash. The advantages are clear: cash takes time to procure, count, and can be prone to mistakes, not to mention, theft.

One company that is changing the face of how retail can serve an underserved market with new, emerging payment options is TEMPOE. Headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire, TEMPOE, LLC was primarily incepted with a vision to serve retailers that have cash and credit constrained consumers unable to complete a purchase due to their lack of available credit. Through the years, the founding team of TEMPOE has stayed true to its mission, and is now a leader in leasing as a means for consumers to obtain products regardless of their FICO score or awaiting background checks and credit approvals.

Understanding that its retail partners want to serve their credit challenged customers, TEMPOE offers a pathway to success with a short-term commitment, fast approvals, early purchase options, and low payments.

The payment leasing services company has garnered a large network of associates and partners that offer its services. TEMPOE has also added direct marketing campaigns to drive repeat business back to the retailer, seamless integration at the point of sale, and an exceptional team backed up by a recently transformed Customer Service organization. Altogether, retailers gain the confidence of building customer loyalty between existing clients and conjointly attracting and acquiring new customers.

Magnetic Leader behind TEMPOE

The President of TEMPOE, LLC, Chris Garrido holds over 20 years of experience in consumer leasing and has been in the credit-challenged consumer space ever since. At TEMPOE, Chris and his management team empower employees at every level to make decisions and choices, which in turn provides a higher level of success and satisfaction.

Sharing TEMPOE’s work culture, Chris remarks, “Our company is not so large, but at the same time, it is agile enough that every department matters and plays a role in our client engagement and performance. Over the last 18 months, the customer service organization has been transformed into a customer-centric, service delivery culture. Our marketing efforts and rewards programs focus on driving repeat business back to our retailers. As for results, leasing continues to increase year-over-year with many of our customers coming back for second, third, or more leases.”

Offering Unparalleled Services

TEMPOE is the only alternative-financing/leasing company integrated through a national retailer’s point-of sale system that offers secondary and tertiary leasing services. It operates consumer-leasing services within all 50 states of the Unites States as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

These unique leasing services are offered through the traditional brick-and-mortar retail partners, as well as through mobile, e-commerce, and other channels, to enable consumers to take home durable goods today with no credit required. Additionally, approval of the applicant occurs within seconds in the store, mobile, or online application. Through its unique services, the prominent leasing service provider helps retailers gain new customers, sell at higher tickets, and most importantly, drive repeat velocity.

Leveraging Ground-Breaking Technology

Over time, TEMPOE’s reputation as an industry leader has been earned through sheer hard work and evaluation. They are the innovators who are interested in their partners’ overall growth to help them achieve success beyond their services offered. Not only this, Chris along with his team are also on a lookout as to how modern technology can be used and leveraged to achieve an extraordinary shopping experience for those who have run out of options. Today, TEMPOE has evolved into an ease-of-use platform, besides cultivating an agile and responsive IT team that ensures POS integrations, data integrity, and security.

Becoming the Obvious Choice for Clients, Consumers and Stakeholders

In accordance with its partners who are changing the face of retail and its presentations, the skilled team of TEMPOE is working side-by-side to ensure the success of every store and retail outlet. TEMPOE’s clients are also serviced through its world-class management team and associate stakeholders in an omni-channel store, e-commerce, and mobile experience.

Even more, when Chris and his team provide leasing services with an outstanding customer experience, it reflects on their retail partners. Hence, they never lose sight of their goals, as Chris relays, “We owe it to our partners to provide superior service to drive brand loyalty, trust, and confidence.”

Addressing the Future Clients

Solid relationships are built on trust, and that is the foundation of the TEMPOE experience. TEMPOE continues to develop new products and solutions that allow room for expansion and engagement, not only to meet demands in a changing retail market, but to stay ahead of the curve and become the obvious choice for both its retailers and customers.

Considering that transactional e-commerce is a key development and necessary technology to thrive in this market, TEMPOE is presently leading the industry with cutting-edge enhancements intended to simplify, integrate, and create a leasing experience that drives repeat business.