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The 6 Golden Rules of Effective Management

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What makes management effective? There are different approaches and not all goals are the same. The concept of effective management can help managers improve in a few different areas. Here are 6 golden rules of effective management:

What’s effective management? And what is its role in business growth?

Effective managers are able to reach short and long-term goals and help their employees work successfully. They drive the growth of a company by working effectively, meeting deadlines, and using the resources available to them. This often includes making financial forecasts and setting targets that need to be met. 

Management styles do not only depend on the manager but also on the employee. People grow in different ways, but by building a sense of community, you can make everyone in the company feel like they are a part of the brand’s success. 

Improving certain leadership skills can be beneficial:

Meeting goals and working towards a vision

As a manager, having high standards, setting goals and ideally reaching them before the deadline, can really drive the growth of a company. By working towards a vision, you can inspire employees on your team. Every time you have reached another goal; it will feel as if you have accomplished something together. 

Look for ways to improve

To help you understand where you can improve, take advantage of resources like data analytics and audits, which shed a light on the areas in the company that need work. 

Communication skills

Communicating your goals and visions as clearly as possible will make it easier for employees to be able to understand how to complete a task. Be as accurate and thorough as you can and focus on avoiding any misunderstandings. 


While everybody works differently, being consistent in your approach is very important and will make it easier for your team to rely on you. Treat everyone on the team equally and place the same expectations on every team member. 

Good listening

As a manager you have a lot to deal with and may find yourself constantly trying to solve different problems. Next to giving instructions, make an effort to take your time and listen to any concerns or any feedback. 

Single-task, don’t multi-task

By trying to get everything done at once you will likely miss a lot of details. Working with assistants who understand how you work and can fill you in on things you may have missed can be incredibly valuable. But multi-tasking is often the problem itself and may not be as effective as it seems. By forcing yourself to focus on one thing at a time and allowing yourself to fully concentrate on what’s in front of you, you might be able to improve your productivity. Focus exercises, such as meditation and those used by athletes in competitions, can be helpful. 

Every successful manager has their own unique style and approach that works for them. Some are more authoritative, some like to coach, others seek harmony and others focus on achieving goals to perfection. No matter what works for you, improving your management skills can make your job a lot easier and can help you become more productive. 

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