The 10 Sophisticated Textile & Apparel Tech Companies of 2019

The fashion industry impacts nearly every human being on the planet. Despite having numerous exciting opportunities, the industry still deals with various challenges. Some of these pressuring issues are employment in poorer countries; social & environmental responsibility along with the resale market and waste mining market. The Founder and CEO of Outland Denim, James Bartle feels that this is an area where governments can have the greatest impact by introducing regulations to protect the industry’s most vulnerable people.
ArcherGrey | Jack Schroeder
ArcherGrey: Enabling Transformation With A Better Approach To PLM
The PLM market has matured and so have the clients. ...
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Mohit Uberoi
Gerber Technology: Revolutionizing the Apparel Industry with a Fully Connected End-to-End Solution
Environment change is real, which is impacting our day-to-day lives ...
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Lever Style
Lever Style: A Trusted Partner of E-Commerce Pioneers And Emerging Brands
Thanks to the internet, the retail landscape across all industries ...
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Prasham Kamdar
Ptex Solutions: Fashion PLM Implementation Experts
As the world becomes increasingly digital, the fashion industry is ...
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Fashion's Appalling Impact

textile industry
How Textile Industry is staining the Nature’s Fabric?
The debate about climate change is not new but the ...
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Timeless Fashion Trend

Blue Denim
The Timeless Blue Denim Throughout The Decades
Denim has always reigned as one of the leading segments ...
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