Gerber Technology: Revolutionizing the Apparel Industry with a Fully Connected End-to-End Solution

Mohit Uberoi

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Environment change is real, which is impacting our day-to-day lives and functioning of the industries. Many industries are taking responsible steps to reduce the vicious impact of this change. The apparel industry is under continuous pressure to become more sustainable by eliminating waste by cutting back on physical samples as well as on producing products that never get sold. According to the statistics, a whopping 30% of all apparel made is in fact never sold and a lot of the rest of it is heavily discounted.

Concurrently, there is also a rapid change in consumer demands in today’s on-demand’ world. It is no longer sufficient to mass produce products and dictate consumer trends, which can emerge from anywhere at any time resulting in the need for on-demand and customized products. Gerber Technology tackles these current needs by providing end-to-end solution to brands, retailer, and manufacturers. It focuses on delivering personalized products in the dynamic market with reducing the impact on environment.

Allowing Seamless Connection from End-To-End Product

In today’s world, ‘connecting all the dots’ has become the differentiating factor. Gerber Technology offers a fully connected solution that allows data to be seamlessly passed throughout the supply chain from design to the final products. It is focused on an end-to-end solution enabling the customers to effectively deliver high-quality, on-demand and mass-produced products on-time and within budget. Gerber offers both software and hardware solutions to all its customers working in a variety of different roles worldwide, regardless of the size of the company. With its innovation, Gerber has been the leader in the most dynamic textile industry for the last 50 years. Over the years, its mere focus is driving the growth and promoting change by aiding the customers with the latest technology.

Gerber Technology offers world class technology, experience, support and service to over 50,000 brands, retailers and manufacturers around the globe within the fashion & apparel, home furnishing, transportation, technical textile and sign, and graphics industries. Its end-to-end solution features industry-leading 2D/3D CAD, PLM and nesting solutions as well as the latest automated cutting solutions. Using Gerber’s platform, companies are able to greatly reduce their time to market through a number of automated processes as well as decrease their environmental footprint by creating true-to-life virtual samples and leverage nesting software that effectively improves material utilization.

Excellent Track Record of Guiding the Top Companies

Mohit Uberoi, CEO of Gerber Technology completed his Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, before moving to the U.S. to pursue his doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Arizona. Prior to joining Gerber, he had the privilege of leading global industrial and engineering businesses in printing and environmental products markets. He has a proven track record of guiding companies to achieve their strategic initiatives, driving technology solutions, building great management teams, and creating value for all stakeholders.

Setting a Clear Expectation with the Team

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Gerber Technology has over 800 highly trained employees and best-in-class global service. The employees support organization in helping the customers to achieve optimal performance with the products. The team at Gerber Technology works with dedication to offer the customers more than just a product. It lays more emphasis on providing an experience with an expert-level service and support that is unique in the industry. In order to ensure the core values shine through every part of the business, Mohit asserts, I make sure to effectively communicate with my team and set clear expectations. I pride myself in being fully transparent, both with our team and our shareholders.” Furthermore, to support its innovative heritage, Gerber Technology focuses on continuous improvement. The management teams at the company are some of the best experts in their field and are focused on meeting every region’s specific needs to help them continue to serve their customer in the best way possible.

Customer’s Success Equals Company’s Success

“Innovation is at the foundation of who we are.” Gerber Technology started with a mission to provide its customers with consistent updates to ensure they are able to meet every challenge. It also believes in listening to the customer’s needs. The company believes in empowering the customers to create beautiful products and allow them to compete and win in today’s on-demand world by offering a digitally integrated end-to-end platform that can take products from design through production in a matter of hours and days. The platform not only features the industry-leading software and hardware but is also able to integrate with a number of other technologies such as digital printing and body scanners, providing the customers with a truly seamless end-to-end platform that is both easy to implement and flexible for everyone’s needs.

Gerber Technology helps customers to create supply chain that is responsive to consumer need and is equally responsible to the environment that helps drive financial results. The company is completely dedicated to provide its customer with the best possible solutions for their business, making it easy for them to use and adopt the technology. In case of developing new features for the products, Gerber Technology takes the time to listen to the customers and understand what will help them accomplish their goals and keep their business running smoothly.

Transforming the Future of the Industry

With the Gerber’s unique platform, companies are able to greatly reduce their time to market through a number of automated processes as well as decrease their environmental footprint by creating true-to-life virtual samples and leverage nesting software that effectively improves material utilization. The unpredictability of the future makes it even more exciting especially when there are new technologies coming in the market. Similarly, the textile and appeal industry is also transforming. For example, the way consumers shop and experience clothing will be fundamentally different powered by information technology, data and AI. With its unique end-to-end platform featuring the latest software and equipment support by a world class service support organization, Gerber Technology is leading the way as a fast-paced technology company. Over the span of five years, as an innovation-driven company, it is planning to lead the change to offer brands, retailers and manufacturers the easy-to-access and use integrated solutions and workflows they need to thrive.

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