The 10 Revolutionary Business Leaders, 2023

Mads EhrhardtCEO of CoworkIt A/S, is a dynamic leader with a diverse professional journey spanning banking, design, gaming, and IT. With a background in banking and expertise in foreign exchange, options, and interest products, Mads ventured abroad and became the Head of the customer desk at the bank’s New York Branch.

Masood Al Awar
Masood Al Awar: A Leader bringing Versatility to Real Estate Sector
Real estate firms need to embrace innovation and have a ...
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Petteri Salonen
Petteri Salonen: A Determined Leader making a Difference in Energy Industry
In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, one must be ...
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Stephen Whyte
Stephen Whyte: A Leader Transforming the Food Supply Chain Industry
As the saying goes, “​Nothing in life goes in vain, ...
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FastFetch Corporation
John Peck: A Groundbreaking Leader in the Distribution and Logistics Industry
In the current COVID-19 crisis, we have witnessed empty shelves ...
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