Masood Al Awar: A Leader bringing Versatility to Real Estate Sector

Masood Al Awar

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Real estate firms need to embrace innovation and have a long-term vision in order to succeed in this transformative age. The challenge is becoming increasingly more difficult as the real estate sector deals with disruptive factors and the anticipated repercussions of the post-COVID-19 pandemic. Over time, the UAE had many crises. However, a strong and forward-thinking leadership took the advantage of crises to strengthen its position as a major economic power. As a result, the UAE has gained more knowledge to better lead the Middle East, and Medallion, a Dubai-based private real estate investment firm,is working to contribute to the solution and encourage greatness.  

The pandemic has demonstrated that nobody is immune, including people as well as businesses, governments, and financial markets. Masood Al Awar, CEO of Medallion, is a brilliant thinker, and his success has been largely attributed to his agility, resilience, preparation, and people-first mentality. Together with outstanding executives and motivated employees, Masood created a platform of excellence with disrupting strategies and insights to offer their clients a tremendous amount of value.

Born Winner

Masood has vast experience in finance, politics, and real estate spanning more than 30 years. He graduated from the first class of the HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Leadership Development Program in 2005 and has an MBA from the United Kingdom. Furthermore, he has pursued a novel real estate investing strategy in the UAE by fusing his experiences in the public and private sectors. In Dubai in 1990, while competing for the UAE as a Snooker Champion, he also achieved the feat of defeating Steve Davis, the six-time world champion in snooker.

As the CEO, he is responsible for ensuring that Medallion effectively delivers its goods and services while upholding the corporate principles of responsibility, honesty, professionalism, courage, and innovation. He is wary of the status quo and a fierce advocate for change as he was instrumental in organizing the first conference on smart cities and smart human capital, “Smart Living City,” which brought together decision-makers, experts, and professionals from around the world. 

Masood also worked for several well-known real estate companies, including EMAAR Properties, SOROUH Real Estate PJSC, TASWEEK Real Estate, and DUBAI PROPERTIES, a division of DUBAI HOLDING. He held executive positions and gained experience in all phases of the development life cycle in both the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Disrupting the Dubai Market

Medallion Associates is a private real estate investment company with offices in Dubai that provide advisory services, asset management, financing, and development. The Dubai Land Department appointed the business as an international promotional trustee in February 2018, and by November 2019, the company has opened offices in Malaysia and London. Since then, it has obtained intricate financing totaling more than Dh5.5 billion for the various items in the Dubai real estate market.

According to Masood, the motto of the Medallion is “Never turn your back on a crisis. Instead, bounce back even stronger.”He believes that, while change can present challenges for established company structures, it can also present enormous opportunities. The company is adamant that the attractiveness of foreign investment after COVID-19 will be closely tied to the recovery programs put in place. Medallion Associates employs innovative techniques to inject liquidity into the Dubai market.

To create 4,000 affordable real estate apartments, Medallion’s development company began the process of negotiating private-public cooperation in 2019. Furthermore, to complete the project, which is valued at more than Dh2 billion, Medallion worked with European contractors and project managers, Asian investment bankers, government asset and property managers from the UAE, and a majority shareholder from Dubai. In addition, the company is involved in a $300 million overseas business that will require financial reorganization before it can be promoted in ME.

Real Estate Services

Medallion Associates has extensive expertise in providing real estate consultancy and investment services. Helping clients from the beginning of a real estate project to its effective conclusion and customer relationship management are its primary business activities. The business facilitates connections between developers, investors, and customers. Its carefully selected funds for particular developments provide above-average returns and financial security.

With 20 years of business and a successful track record of managing a variety of asset classes, Medallion’s prime services include:


A Step ahead of COVID

Masood predicted the possibility of a more extensive worldwide problem after the coronavirus first appeared in Wuhan. Early in 2020, Medallion executives predicted that the COVID-19 outbreak in China could spread globally and spark a significant liquidity crisis. As part of its consulting business, the company put in a lot of effort to build a finance structuring product, and there is now a lot of demand for these products, which provide sophisticated and creative financing mechanisms.

Everyone is attempting to manage the post-covid-19 reopening as well as the financial effects of the pandemic. In contrast, Medallion is using its reputation for integrity and dependability, which is supported by reputable specialists, to draw in foreign investors. The company is winning commercial strategies by executing the strategy and exploiting its accountability value through ‘Performance,’ clearly defined KPIs, and best practices.

Strong Mindset

Masood is confident that Dubai will emerge from the economic effects of the coronavirus in a stronger position and with more knowledge because the emirate has historically weathered many crises with the help of its strong and imaginative leadership.

Masood quotes, “A destination’s attractiveness to foreign real estate investors will be highly dependent on support from governments, and Dubai is putting together one of the strongest and most generous recovery plans. Medallion Associates aims to be part of this great country’s strong and resurgent recovery.”


Masood Al Awar

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