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Mads Ehrhardt

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Mads Ehrhardt, CEO of CoworkIt A/S, is a dynamic leader with a diverse professional journey spanning banking, design, gaming, and IT. With a background in banking and expertise in foreign exchange, options, and interest products, Mads ventured abroad and became the Head of the customer desk at the bank’s New York Branch. However, his desire for adventure led him to sail around the world, providing him with invaluable lessons in innovation and resilience.

Upon returning to New York, Mads followed his creative instincts and co-founded a design company, where he also handled the business and operational aspects. This experience took him to South Asia, expanding his cross-cultural understanding and expertise in conducting business with diverse groups.

Mads then transitioned to working with gaming communities, managing a large number of volunteers, and understanding the nuances of inspiring and maintaining their engagement. This led him to co-found a digital Business Incubator, further expanding his network and expertise in digital media and business development.

His journey continued in the realm of FinTech, where Mads utilized cutting-edge digital platforms to empower postal organizations and enhance their relevance in the digital landscape. This experience paved the way for his current role as CEO of CoworkIt A/S.

Combining his IT skills with his proficiency in networking, Mads leads CoworkIt, leveraging his diverse experiences and global perspective to create a collaborative and thriving environment. His unwavering commitment to exploring new opportunities and embracing challenges has shaped his approach to forging meaningful connections and making a lasting impact.

Empowering Collaboration and Engagement

As CEO of CoworkIt A/S, Mads Ehrhardt holds a multifaceted role that encompasses both management responsibilities and active participation as a coworker. His primary focus lies in steering the company’s strategic direction while fostering a collaborative and engaging work environment. Mads understands the importance of effective and consistent communication, both within the organization and with clients, which he prioritizes through well-thought-out approaches and regular face-to-face collaborations.

Recognizing the value of personal interactions, Mads emphasizes the significance of being physically present in the geographical context, allowing him to grasp the challenges and triumphs faced by colleagues and clients alike. This commitment to presence underscores CoworkIt’s approach to how they engage with customers, ensuring meaningful interactions and understanding their unique needs.

While Mads is relatively new to the organization, he has already made significant contributions. Notably, he has played a pivotal role in steering CoworkIt in a strategic direction that involves the active involvement and contributions of all team members. By creating an inclusive environment where everyone has an opportunity to share their insights, ideas, and expertise, Mads has fostered excitement and enthusiasm among the team.

Fostering Localized Expertise and Personalized Service

CoworkIt is a forward-thinking organization that was founded on the principle of bringing structure and support to the unorganized realm of small IT service providers. With the aim of empowering these providers and enabling them to navigate the ongoing market consolidation, CoworkIt recognizes the value of a structured network where participants can draw upon each other’s expertise and resources.

One of CoworkIt’s core beliefs is that customers prefer local support and service rather than impersonal and distant consolidated support centers. In line with this, the company envisions itself as Denmark’s most present IT service, embodying the concept of “presence” in two significant ways. Firstly, by establishing geographical locations across the country, CoworkIt ensures local accessibility and responsiveness. Secondly, and equally important, the organization places great emphasis on being present for its customers, prioritizing meaningful interactions, and delivering a high level of personalized service.

This solution offers superior advantages from an environmental and cost standpoint by leveraging local support on-site, setting us apart from our consolidated competitors. Thus, it aligns with ESG goals, providing enhanced effectiveness and presence and serving as a more environmentally friendly solution.

CoworkIt’s vision revolves around creating a strong nationwide presence while maintaining a localized approach. By focusing on having the right personnel in each location and leveraging their specialized skills, the company ensures a comprehensive service offering for clients. While specialization in areas such as ERP or IT security systems is highly valued in the digital landscape, CoworkIt’s setup and network enable coworkers to specialize while still providing the full range of services. This approach strikes a balance between expertise and building lasting relationships with customers, offering them a complete and tailored solution.

CoworkIt’s Decentralized and Personalized Approach

CoworkIt distinguishes itself in the IT service industry by offering local and current IT support and services on a nationwide scale. Unlike competitors who consolidate operations in centralized locations, CoworkIt takes a decentralized approach, ensuring that their services are delivered by local teams in various communities. This approach enables them to establish stronger relationships with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) by providing accessible and personalized support.

While CoworkIt embraces automation and stays at the forefront of technological advancements in the IT space, they recognize the enduring importance of the human aspect in the industry. Understanding that “people still buy from people,” CoworkIt emphasizes the significance of being present and building meaningful connections with customers. This focus on maintaining a personal touch sets them apart from larger competitors who may overlook the value of genuine human interaction.

Navigating the Competitive Business Landscape

Mads strongly emphasizes the vital role of proactive leadership in a highly competitive business environment. According to him, leaders must not passively wait for circumstances to unfold but rather take charge by meticulously planning and analyzing markets, tracking global trends, and understanding local shifts. By developing robust risk mitigation strategies, leaders can anticipate future business needs and proactively address potential challenges, even those that may never materialize. Mads believes in collaborative and transparent leadership, fostering an environment that values innovation, creativity, and shared responsibility. Recognizing that no single leader can navigate the complex business landscape alone, he advocates for collective efforts, constant growth, and a commitment to investing in the core mission.

Harmony on the High Seas

Mads is a sailor at heart and finds solace and connection through sailing, which has been a lifelong hobby and lifestyle. The uncompromising environment of the sea has taught him invaluable life lessons, including problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork. With a problem-solving and can-do mindset, Mads brings his creative abilities to both work and home, enjoying renovating his living space. In Denmark’s culture of promoting work-life balance, Mads begins his days with a refreshing swim and bike ride, setting an optimistic tone and providing the energy and mental clarity to handle work challenges while managing family obligations. Savoring the luxury of sailing with his loved ones nearby completes his harmonious life.

Guiding Principles for Thriving Entrepreneurs

Mads offers insightful guidance for budding entrepreneurs aspiring to excel in the industry. He underscores the significance of entrusting the expertise of the individuals responsible for running and supporting the business, valuing their input and keen observations on industry trends. Mads advocates for the recruitment of exceptional talent, recognizing the value of assembling a team where one’s own capabilities are not the sole source of expertise and fostering an environment of diverse knowledge and skill.

Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of cultivating pursuits outside the realm of work that facilitate complete disengagement and mental respite, enabling individuals to disengage from the rigors of professional life and foster rejuvenation. This holistic approach contributes to enhanced performance and overall well-being.

Mads also champions the exploration of global environments, encouraging aspiring leaders to seek inspiration beyond their immediate spheres. By exposing themselves to varied perspectives and experiences, they can nurture innovation and adaptability, gaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving business landscape.


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