The 10 Most Trusted Software Development Companies, 2018

During the 1980s, software was mostly about microcomputers, but over the next couple of decades, the World Wide Web shrunk the world and technology companies revolutionized the way people used their personal computers. This was just the beginning! In 2000, the internet empowered users to execute business logic, and new types of applications brought massive transformations by placing power in the hands of consumers.

CXO Standpoint

Chatbot UX customer engaged
Chatbot UX: 6 Ways to Keep Customers Engaged
When it comes to automating customer interactions, user experience is ...
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Entrepreneur's Corner

Social Learning
Social Learning Adds Grace In The Business Environment
Social learning is the collection and sharing of knowledge learned ...
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Sector In Focus : E-Commerce

Best Transforming E-Commerce Trends to Watch for in 2019
10 Best Transforming E-Commerce Trends To Watch For In 2019
The 21st century retail industry represents an alluring, technologically inclined ...
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