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Trigent Software, Inc: Adding Value to Clients’ Businesses by Delivering Top Quality Services

Trigent Software


During the 1980s, software was mostly about microcomputers, but over the next couple of decades, the World Wide Web shrunk the world and technology companies revolutionized the way people used their personal computers. This was just the beginning!

In 2000, the internet empowered users to execute business logic, and new types of applications brought massive transformations by placing power in the hands of consumers. This transformation to business applications has been pervasive; touching the way people communicate, consume and share information, ultimately increasing the potential for businesses to thrive in the flat world.

Today, technologies such as big data, cloud, and mobility are connecting people and changing the way we work and socially interact. Integrated software platforms are making a dramatic difference to services at a massive scale as these software platforms have the power to transform entire industries.

Headquartered in the Boston area, Trigent Software, Inc. is a strategic partner with a proven track record of success stories. Trigent understands clients’ business requirements and using technology, transforms existing models for cost and operational efficiencies.

With offices in the US and India, the highly competitive company offers its solutions and services to a spectrum of industries such as manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, transportation & logistics, insurance, e-commerce, high tech, and education.

Transformational Changes with a wide Range Of Services

Software, we know, has evolved from an indefinite business-oriented concept to an all-pervasive force gathering momentum and strength. In today’s growing technological business world, software is redefining the fundamentals of businesses, economies, industries, and the lives of people. It is creating a future of great empowerment where there will be a further realignment of models creating paradigm shifts in the way people see, hear, and think.

Trigent Software offers technology solutions and services that speed up the digital transformation process to unlock mission-critical data, enable rapid application development, and provide continuous integration services. It offers services like cloud development and transformation, managed infrastructure services, product engineering, digital transformation, QA & Testing, business intelligence, enterprise application development, mobile application development, and professional services.

Trigent’s clients benefit from the entire lifecycle of software services ranging from detailed design, development, and integration to testing, and quality assurance, from its offshore development and support center in Bangalore.

One of the most admired on-demand testing services, Trigent’s SwifTest is a pay-as-you-go software testing service, which is a cost-effective, low-risk approach for businesses to secure better and accelerated testing performance. With SwifTest, users gain instant access to Trigent’s best-in-class testing services anywhere, any time. The highly skilled and experienced team provides services with minimal capital outlay.

Shifting from CapEx to OpEx model, a user can reduce time-to-market of new products by at least 30 percent. SwifTest offers end-to-end testing of all aspects of the web, mobile or cloud applications in terms of functionality, performance, usability, browser compatibility, etc. SwifTest helps clients to validate their offerings faster than in traditional outsourced testing service models. SwifTest team includes skilled QA engineers, tools, testing scripts, frameworks, and infrastructure. Customers pay only for the time that they engage in services ranging in time from 24 hours to a week, a month or a longer engagement.

Along with SwifTest, Trigent’s Quality Assurance & Testing Services (TQATS) helps clients across industry verticals build tomorrow’s QA enterprise by providing a combination of transformation models to address the constantly changing technology landscape, a framework for package-testing-led business transformation, and new engagement models.

Best Practices to Ensure Clients’ Business Success


With the mission to delight customers by providing excellence in IT services, Trigent Software has built a superior, competitive, and technologically perceptive team. It offers a balanced mix of innovation and best practices to help grow clients’ businesses. Trigent provides its clients with the flexibility, security, and scalability they require to address business needs.


Trigent Software has established long-term relationships with its clients because of its commitment, uncompromising reliability, culture, and matchless partnership approach. Clients have stayed with Trigent year-after-year, and sometimes, decade after decade, trusting the company to develop and maintain their core software, back-end operations, and customer- facing systems.

Trigent is assisting its clients such as Navistar, Heineken and several marquee names to embed new technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning into their operations to provide richer customer experiences and increasing efficiencies.  Trigent Software offers a wide range of consulting services to these organizations by designing and implementing enterprise-scale solutions that help them navigate their digital transformation journeys, provide rich customer experiences, and gain market share.


Trigent Software is committed to compliance and information security, and follows high ethical standards in coding practices to guarantee security and regulatory compliance at all times.


The dedicated software company is combining the best of Scrum, DevOps, and enterprise software development processes, for on-demand scalability and agility. By following tailored operations and testing processes that are defined, and measured against stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Trigent ensures that business objectives are exceeded.


The Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Trigent Software, Bharat Khatau is a leading authority in the global IT sector.  He has played a key role in building Trigent’s innovative approach to delivery IT services and solutions to global clients

Prior to Trigent’s establishment, Bharat was Co-Founder and CEO of Better Software Technology. Since 1982, Bharat ran an IT and engineering consulting company Covid Systems, where his company provided specialized factory automation services to large and small companies such as DataGeneral, SpecTran, Proteon, Champion Spark Plugs, Thinking Machines, Compaq Computers, Levolor, etc.


Clients come to Trigent seeking solutions to complex technical challenges. At times, these challenges are simply translated into available solutions and at other times, they may require innovative application of existing technologies. However, there are times, when some challenges may require entirely new solutions. The company’s focus on being ahead of the game has resulted in a world-class R&D center  from where various US patents have been filed.

Technical Expertise

The Trigent team holds the technical expertise and an effective solution-based approach, which helps deliver end-to-end solutions to address complex problems. Its end-user oriented approach with strength in consulting, business process, and architecture management has made it possible to focus on solutions that drive excellent result for clients.


This prominent software solution company stands distinct from its counterparts because of its strong engineering documentation, best QA practices, and project visibility to achieve better control over projects.

Harnessing the Power of Innovative Technologies to Transform the Future

With over twenty years of successful operations, Trigent Software has made great progress in developing innovative cloud-based solutions and services,  harnessing the power of AI, big data, and machine learning to help traditional businesses across diverse segments to make the digital leap. Trigent analyzes clients’ big data needs to recommend the best technology and development processes for successful implementations.

Trigent’s team of management, consulting, developers, and testers analyze every single technical and process decision, so the client can make a reliable and informed development plan. Adding new technologies like Command Control and Coordination technology, the multi-adaptive company detects and corrects situations in IoT systems that are prone to questionable outcomes. In addition, to detect potential error situations in a set of IoT devices, Trigent applies small-scale machine learning from simulations to identify high-risk scenarios. This learning can then be immediately applied to live IoT device monitoring.

The reliable solutions provider can monitor a set of IoT devices using automated unattended learning with the information, identifying the specific variation from normal behavior and report a need for remediation if the system seems to be bugged with defects.

Trigent Software, Inc. is excited about the opportunities that the future holds, driven by innovative technologies in a connected world. It has always viewed technology as an opportunity to assist its clients in a better way, providing significant impact on their organization. To achieve its goals, Trigent Software  strives to combine business and industry knowledge with disruptive technology to fuel growth while optimizing processes, costs, and efficiencies.