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There are at least three major factors that have had a dramatic impact on the software industry over the last decade. First, Open Source technologies like Linux, PostgreSQL and others have changed the value proposition that technology vendors can provide. Second, Cloud technology that is closely related to open source, allows companies to start small and spend more as the business grows. And third, Big Data Analytics, in which AWS and other cloud vendors provide tools that allow data scientists, analysts, quants and software developers to manage and cross-reference massive amounts of data, relatively easily.

Serraview: A Reliable Partner for Workplace Management

As dramatic shifts around how we work continue to take place (more collaborative, contingent, and project based), Corporate Real Estate (CRE) leaders are tasked with leveraging technology to create innovative workplaces. Serraview’s SaaS based solutions answer that call, covering two areas critical to corporate real estate organizations: Workplace Optimization and Workforce Enablement. The Serraview SaaS solutions address these needs by leveraging its ability to capture utilization data, and turn it into actionable information.

Established in 2006 in Australia, Serraview is a young space management software company that started as a simple and intuitive enterprise platform for managing and optimizing corporate real estate. The company grew rapidly and by 2008, had expanded to serve five of the largest enterprises in Australia. Later in 2014, the company expanded to the US market and in 2017, the company partnered with two of the largest global CRE service providers in the world.

A Down-to-earth Leader Behind Serraview’s Success

Stephen Macnee, Co-founder and member of the Serraview board leads the company as CEO. Stephen, based in New York, is charged with leading Serraview through its next growth phase in the United States, as well as expansion of the company’s global footprint. By leveraging the core principles of understanding how the client’s business operates, delivering software that captures accurate data into its system, and developing a team that understands each client’s unique needs, under Stephen’s leadership, Serraview will continue to support CRE professionals in delivering the workplace of today and of the future.

Serraview Provides an Array of Client-Centric Solutions

  • Workplace Optimization Solutions (Serraview Pro/Elite): Serraview’s SaaS-based platform captures the client’s space management information, combines it with organizational data and then leverages data from Internet of Things (IoT) devices to provide near real-time, actionable information about the use of their space. Whether the workplace is traditional, agile or a hybrid, customers can see what space is being underutilized and where improvements can be made to their space. Serraview’s solution provides an easy to understand, accurate and holistic view of their entire real estate portfolio. Armed with the right tools and analytics, the relationship between CRE and business becomes more proactive and collaborative, and puts real estate in the position to become a change agent in helping the business accomplish its strategic goals.
  • SVLive: SVLive is a software-only solution developed to reside on company-issued devices and unobtrusively capture network activity. Data captured by SVLive is pushed to Serraview in near real-time, and then can be used to gain insight into how space is being used, optimize the portfolio and model future scenarios, based on verifiable and accurate information.
  • Workforce Enablement Solutions (Locator Pro/Elite): Locator is a wayfinding application that brings commercially accepted, user-friendly and flexible functionality to the office to help employees easily locate colleagues, find resources and navigate their surroundings. Locator can be powered with IoT technologies like beacons, sensors, wired, and WiFi network activity to provide employees with an interactive experience. When a person searches for a coworker, desk or room, information on where their colleagues are currently located, any workspaces that are not occupied and available meeting rooms are displayed by this solution. The application has also been integrated with Microsoft© Exchange Server and Google Calendar™ to provide employees with just-in-time booking of a company’s meeting rooms. This application increases employee engagement and helps boost employee productivity as employees stop wasting critical time searching for desks, meeting rooms, and coworkers.

“It’s about creating value for our customers and differentiating ourselves from our competitors where we provide a space planning solution that is robust, reliable, efficient, easy to use, and can demonstrate rapid ROI.”

What Clients Want

With large enterprise clients in the Banking and Financial services, Technology, Life Sciences, and Government sectors, Serraview holds steadfast to the philosophy that, “The workplace is more than just real estate – it’s a strategic asset and catalyst for cultural change.”

Serraview understands that strong relationships with clients lead to a keen understanding of the problems they face – at both the strategic and day-to-day levels. This translates into a flexible, agile product development process that ensures a swift response to market changes—giving CRE professionals the confidence to make informed decisions based on data they trust. Customers recognize and validate the market differentiation, especially those who’ve left the competition in favor of Serraview. They cite ease of use, flexibility and unparalleled support as their rationale for selecting Serraview. With Serraview’s solutions, CRE professionals can be confident that they have the right data at the right time, to make informed decisions about their portfolio, and save on real estate costs in the process.

Staying in the Limelight – Adept at Meeting Market Demands

Serraview is a platform that provides rich data integrations, and open API to which the company will continue to add new features and functionality as the market requires. The solution will continue to leverage the latest innovative technologies, IoT, big data, and smart analytics that help drive decision-making. Data from disparate sources is taken into the system and combined with the space planning data to create and deliver actionable information which facilitates faster decision-making.

Serraview has created a platform that is flexible, customizable, easy to use, and helps clients save on real estate costs—essentially solving many of the headaches CRE professionals face with other solutions that are inflexible, costly and complex.

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