The 10 Most Prominent Leaders in Cloud Computing, 2018

The true secret to success for any entrepreneur is how individuals manage themselves through their journey. Often, examples of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg are given when people mention influential business icons. However, there are numerous entrepreneurs who remain unsuccessful, despite being very talented with great ideas that could quite literally change the world.
Waylon Krush
Waylon Krush: Securing Cloud Service Organizations With Lunarline Security Suite
Over the last decade, the increasing digital identities in all ...
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Sunil Kanchi , CIO & Senior Vice President , UST Global
Sunil Kanchi: Executing Best Cloud And IT Models To Enrich Clients’ Businesses
With the provision of more scalability and greater flexibility for ...
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Ray Bricknell, Founder, Clover
Ray Bricknell: Independent Cloud Market Advisor to UK Financial Services Firms
“Cloud will change everything” was the first tag line written ...
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Atman Rathod
Atman Rathod: The Leader Aspiring The Innovation In Cloud Computing Realm
Cloud computing has totally transformed people’s lifestyle enabling people to ...
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Experts Insights

enterprise internet
The evolving enterprise internet
The evolution of enterprise internet connectivity has been an interesting ...
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Simon Edström CEO at Instantor
How companies can make intelligent decisions and deal with risk in a better way?
The last few years have been transformational for the banking ...
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Entrepreneur's Corner

Cybersecurity for enterprises
Cybersecurity For Enterprises is the Need of an Hour
With so many continuous technological advancements, the business world has ...
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What the future holds?

cloud computing 2019
Upcoming arrivals in cloud computing for the year 2019
In this dynamic and competitive digital age, it is a ...
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