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Damian Crotty

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The true secret to success for any entrepreneur is how individuals manage themselves through their journey. Often, examples of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg are given when people mention influential business icons. However, there are numerous entrepreneurs who remain unsuccessful, despite being very talented with great ideas that could quite literally change the world.

For Damian Crotty, Founder and CEO of CloudFX, the entire journey of founding and managing his company has been the single most difficult thing that he ever did in his life. Besides being challenged at every possible nook and corner, Damian still does not wish to change a thing about it. Sharing his values and dedications towards CloudFX, Damian asserts, “I’ve committed to understanding the technology segment we are focused on in detail through a maniacal commitment to research and reading, and spend as much time as possible, with customers and partners to ensure that I am constantly abreast with the variety of dynamics at play in our industry.”

Tracking his professional journey to the late 90’s, Damian was entrusted with a variety of functions within Dell’s Enterprise Systems Group in both Asia Pacific and Europe and by 2004, was responsible for Dell’s entire Enterprise Business Unit across Asia Pacific and Japan. Later in 2007, Damian took over as the COO for Lenovo across Europe and the Middle East. Through his steely determination, constant dedication and in-depth knowledge, Damian accumulated significant experiences in building large scale businesses, in addition to restructuring large scale multi-geo businesses, which ultimately led him to believe that as the IT industry transitioned from physical to virtual and cloud services, organization’s would require specialist expertise both in technology and change management. It was this crucial, decisive moment for Damian to believe that there would be a place in the market for a company like CloudFX. And, that is how CloudFX Pte. Ltd. was born.

It is wisely said that most true journeys often begin along. On the similar lines, Damian’s voyage to establishing CloudFX too began alone. Even though, he received a lot of encouragement from family, friends and professional colleagues over the years, no single person guided him through the process of launching CloudFX and then scaling it across Asia Pacific and now globally. Today, armored with years of experience, Damian feels fortunate to work with great people, partners and draw perspective, ideas and motivation from them as well as synthesize those ideas with his personal insights to plan strategic priorities and plot the future course for CloudFX to become a worldwide leader in this high growth technology segment.

Success Story of CloudFX: The Next Generation Cloud Platform Leader

Over the last few years, the cloud computing technology has drastically changed the face of conventional IT sector. Even though, the notion of network-based computing was initially started in 1960’s, the first use of “cloud computing” in its modern context occurred in late 2006, when former CEO of Google introduced this term during an industry conference. Since then, cloud computing has become a core part of the IT industry’s vernacular and changed the way modern businesses utilize technology. Today, one only needs to examine the adoption rates of cloud computing, relative to the associated declines in physical infrastructure computing, to see how pervasive cloud computing has become.

Leading this cloud computing industry shift is CloudFX, a strategic virtualization and cloud solutions firm, headquartered in Singapore, along with local offices in United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India and Indonesia. Since its inception in late 2009, CloudFX has been involved with virtualization, cloud, and digital based services and solutions, supporting some of the largest companies in the world understand the impact of these technologies to both their businesses as well as customers. Till date, in response to the sweeping change-taking place across the global IT market, CloudFX has remained both agile and innovative in shaping both its Cloud platform solutions, Cloud platform services and Cloud platform Day 2 operational management service portfolios.

Highlighting Features of CloudFX’s Services and Products

CloudFX offers one of the most advanced and open Cloud Service brokerage platforms under the brand of CloudSelect DMP (Digital Market Place) and Enterprise Cloud ITaaS platform via CloudSelect BMP (Business Management Platform). These advanced platforms cater towards companies looking to create new digital and cloud-based business models or offset risk in their existing business model and transition towards a digital and cloud-based services business model.

Moreover, its DMP platform offering supports multi-tenant, e-Commerce based, real-time cloud service consumption from any device, anywhere in the world. This platform includes self-service and advanced configuration capability, cloud vendor pricing and service level comparisons, real-time service automation and provisioning, cloud service management, cloud service analytics, and multi-cloud service billing.

CloudFX BMP platform supports single-tenant, e-Commerce based, real-time cloud solutions for hybrid cloud and IT as a Service models for corporate, government and enterprise institutions. The CloudSelect platform is 100% open source based, supporting the integration, automation and management of any cloud-based service, backs multi-generational technology from legacy to physical to virtual, private and finally public cloud and enables, real end-to-end business, technology and operational transformation for any enterprise in the world.

This immense popularity of both platforms, particularly by the Global SI and Telco community showcases how the industry demands flexibility, openness, interoperability, agnosticism, security and a high degree of functionality as opposed to using a multitude of vendor based tools which do not seamlessly integrate, require multiple resources to manage those expensive tools, and fails to provide IT administrators and managers for a single pane of glass across all vendor assets, irrespective of their generation or type like CloudSelect’s platform offerings do.

Mantras of Becoming an Experienced and Successful Leader

All along, the Founder & CEO of CloudFX has been fortunate to work for some exceptional leaders who truly invested in his development, both at Dell and Lenovo. Executives like – Scott Wambolt (Dell), Amit Midha (Dell), David Schmoock (Dell), Bill Amelio (Dell), and Milko Van Duijl were instrumental in helping Damian develop the skills, experiences, confidence and understanding as to what it meant to be a capable leader, and for those valuable lessons, he is truly indebted to them.

In spite of these mentors, it is important to be self-aware and reflect on failures, in addition to analyzing them through the lens of learning, without blame or guilt, and ensuring those failures become learning lessons towards developing deeper insights and greater wisdom. Following on these virtues, Damian has transformed himself into a dynamic and versatile leader.

Echoing the roles and responsibilities that comes with being a Founder and CEO, Damian explains, “As a Founder & CEO, there is no place to hide. Therefore, being open to feedback, demonstrating resilience, acknowledging when you’ve made mistakes and taking responsibility for the business outcomes are all opportunities to advance your functional-technical skills, improve organizational and people leadership, demonstrate greater empathy with staff (and yourself) and deepen perspective and wisdom as to what it really means to become a successful leader.”

Winning Strategies for Building Strong Foundation and Bright Future

Presently, CloudFX strategic priorities are consistent with the initiatives it has taken across the contemporary business landscape. In the coming years, Damian and his team plans to continue to innovate around CloudFX’s digital and cloud platform offerings through CloudSelect and its sub-portfolios. They also propose to remain intensely focused on their expanding partner eco-system who CloudFX enables to become successful within the digital and cloud markets globally. In order to achieve this, Damian and his management team will need to continue to hire and develop the best available talent in the market, along with ensuring to maintain their high quality of service from advisory to design, and implementation. These winning strategies will inevitably enable CloudFX partners to realize their greatest potential into becoming the global leader in the various segments the next generation cloud platform leader operates in, today and in the future.

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