The 10 Most Impactful Healthcare Solution Providers of 2019

There have been some monumental healthcare industry challenges in recent years. One was the move towards value-based (VB) medicine whereby positive outcomes would result from fewer office visits and readmissions into inpatient facilities. The fee-for-service model with patients continually returning for their next appointments would disappear.
Behavior Imaging
Behavior Imaging®: Transforming The Healthcare Industry Through Enhanced Patient Engagement Solution
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is widely known by individuals across ...
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TRIARQ Health: Putting Patients First By Empowering Independent Physicians
Over the past several years, the healthcare industry has observed ...
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Highmark Interactive
Highmark Interactive: Bringing the Positive Change in Concussion Management and Neurological Testing
The digital age has almost covered all the industries under ...
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Business Automation Experts
Business Automation Experts: A Knowledgeable Expert Of Technical Skills Combined With Business Acumen
Healthcare organizations accumulate and pile vast amounts of personal information, ...
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CereSoft Inc
CereSoft Inc.: Energizing Healthcare Cash Flow Through Innovation
Healthcare’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the administration of financial ...
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MonarchFx: Providing Smartest Logistics Solutions To The Healthcare Industry
Over the past few years, e-commerce has made remarkable progress ...
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Industry Analyst

Marc Zionts CXO
Not All Data Heroes Wear Capes
Big data is a big deal. Every second, people around ...
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First Look

Black Hole
Take a closer look at the first ever picture of a black hole
April 2019 saw the occurrence of a very unique event ...
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IoT Drive

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