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Highmark Interactive: Bringing the Positive Change in Concussion Management and Neurological Testing

Highmark Interactive

The digital age has almost covered all the industries under its canopy. In recent years, digital innovations in the healthcare industry have been reinvented, which transformed the industry to a great extent. Powerful and intelligent technologies like artificial intelligence are already uplifting the digitalization in the sector. The solutions for common and essential problems are now at a few clicks away from the users. Therefore, the fast developing technology has made us the “right now” population who hate to wait for their problems to be resolved. The traditional healthcare process is no exception to this. It is becoming a bygone era where people schedule a doctor’s appointment to get to the hospital, wait a couple of hours for treatment, and again wait for test results.

Highmark Interactive Solution, Empowering People towards better Brain Care

The EQ Active Brain Tracking solution by Highmark Interactive is the live example of advanced healthcare which is built to eliminate the traditional, burdensome, expensive and tedious medical processes in concussion management. The patients or users don’t have to wait for hours as this solution actively monitors their brain’s performance from wherever they may be and simultaneously produces important data for their medical practitioner to assess from their office. As per the aforementioned scenario, doing tests like a baseline test on brain functioning or any test related to brain performance measurement required a visit to the doctor. Today, with the EQ Active Brain Tracking app installed on a smartphone or tablet, an individual or group of teams, schools or workplaces can take better care of their brain’s health. Users can simply start by registering an EQ dashboard to add their members. Secondly, they can set a testing schedule, send reminders, and monitor the range of results in real time.

Importantly, to improve user engagement, the neurological tests by Highmark Interactive are “gamified”. The mobile app sports seven games which are designed and successfully tested against existing, standard neurological tests. The gamified app encourages users to participate regularly. In case a concussion occurs, the invaluable data gathered from the user’s frequent participation greatly helps the health professional during the assessment/diagnostic phase. Proper diagnosis tends to lead to more customized treatment plans, which should lead to improved recovery. Due to its precise results and interactive features, EQ Active Brain Tacking is currently used by numerous clinics, sports leagues & teams, schools, parents or individuals with general concern about their brain performance.

The Origin of an Innovative Solution

Like the saying, “Leaders are those who rise in bad situations and fight back”, the Co-founder and CEO of Highmark InteractiveDr. Sanjeev Sharma and Co-founder Sunil Sharma established the company based on an unfortunate event when Sanjeev’s young daughter suffered  a head injury during a sports event. At that time, despite much advancement in healthcare, there was a serious relative lack of medical solutions to assist those suffering from concussions and TBIs. That incident built a strong will within Sanjeev to develop technology that can serve as a tool for people to actively protect their brain’s health. Today, the solution developed by Sanjeev and his team at Highmark Interactive has the capability to protect the susceptible and important brains of millions of people. Highmark Interactive does not prevent people from pursuing sports activities; rather it assists them to improve their safety with intuitive brain performance data.

Highmark is currently offering its smart solutions to protect people’s brains with the implementation of advanced technologies like AI and ML, which follows their acquisition of a mobile gaming company to help further enhance its offerings. With such persistent improvements, Highmark is growing at a rapid pace and working with some of the world’s leading research universities, health professionals, professional teams and athletes, schools, and sports organizations around the globe. Likewise, the company is aiming to expand its service outside of sport while establishing creative industry partnerships and collaborative opportunities.

Teamwork and Friendly Culture, Bringing New Additions to Highmark Interactive

Today, the success credit of Highmark Interactive goes to the Co-founders and their fascinating team made from the blend of doctors, neuro-specialists, software developers, and dynamic individuals who come from a broad range of backgrounds. Sharing the experience with his staff members, Sanjeev proudly asserts, “I consider our team to be the true engine behind what we are bringing forward, as we hold daily ‘scrums’ and idea sessions for staff to help drive the growth of our Highmark family.” Therefore, Sanjeev and Sunil always strive to support their dedicated teams with a culture of responsibility, sharing and teamwork which brings the best out of every team member.

According to the founding duo, the nature of innovation in the team of Highmark Interactive empowers them to constantly move forward with better resolutions or advances so that at the end of the day, they feel content by seeing their product improving the lives of people and fulfilling the essential gaps in healthcare. In the coming days, EQ can be integrated with Healthkit and Google Fit to enable users to seamlessly access data, track activity, and sleeping patterns.

While leaping with the rapid growth of current sectors, Highmark Interactive is all set to announce exciting solutions in other verticals. In coming days, the company plans to utilize the same principle as in EQ Brain Tracking Tool for some truly groundbreaking areas.

Future of the Healthcare Sector

“For decades, healthcare was driven top-down to the individual. The reverse is true today, as people are demanding healthcare to be mobile, instantaneous, affordable, and flexible with their lifestyle.”Sanjeev Sharma