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Business Automation Experts: A Knowledgeable Expert Of Technical Skills Combined With Business Acumen

Business Automation Experts

Healthcare organizations accumulate and pile vast amounts of personal information, making them a major target for cyber-criminals. Today, the frequency of cyberattacks is growing and new vulnerabilities to networks and computer systems are being discovered and exploited. Different types of attacks create different issues, often causing healthcare organizations to lose focus. Even though there are many security tools available in the market, it’s a major challenge to keep up with the growing healthcare data volume. Healthcare organizations are therefore looking for a system, which can provide better prevention and faster detection of cyberattacks. This can be possible by implementing a balanced approach with innovation and investment in new technologies. Leveraging innovative technologies to empower people and improve processes, Business Automation Experts offers personalized software solutions to enhance operational efficiencies and delivers proven results in profitability.

Building Trust through Incredible Customer Satisfaction

Business Automation Experts (BAE) is a consulting firm focused on the strategic use of technology to improve the operational efficiency of organizations. The company provides consulting and support with standard compliance audits to safeguard against misuse by unauthorized groups. The custom software solutions provider has collaborated with Laserfiche, Seceon, Microsoft, and Intel Corporation so that it can take advantage of the solutions developed by them that are well-designed and engineered for the business needs. BAE empowers and educates their clients to assist them in doing their job effectively, which further builds on the trust that is required to take risks and reach goals.

Leveraging Disruptive Technologies to Prevent Cyberattacks

BAE offers personalized IT solutions for businesses and aids companies to add new revenue streams. To protect from cyberattacks, the company proposes Security Operations Center (SoC) in a box solutions that are personalized according to the clients business needs. These solutions identify network behaviors that are unusual and respond with remediation in milliseconds. To strengthen security, they collaborated with Seceon; a threat detection and management company that visualizes, detects, and eliminates cyber threats in real-time. Seceon has incorporated Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Machine Learning (ML) and developed aiSIEM, a modern adaptation to security information and event management (SIEM). In addition to this, BAE also focuses on reducing System Debt by better aligning technology spend to strategic initiatives. In doing so, organizations can meet the growing needs of the healthcare industry.

BAE’s Experienced Employees Aiding in the Organization’s Overall Performance

For any organization, employees are valuable assets and play a significant role in its growth. Through employees’ hard work, dedication, and contribution, organizations can achieve their goals and climb the ladder of success. Therefore, BAE recruits experienced employees who demonstrate self-motivation and a passion to delight clients. The Somerset, NJ-based company helps employees learn about industry trends and lessons from other engagements to improve overall performance. As employees increase their performance and security posture, the company continues to prosper and grow.   

Forthcoming Plans to Bring New Revenue and Keeping up with Modern Tech Trends

Every successful business regularly reviews its business plan to ensure it continues to meet its needs. Through these business plans, companies can achieve their goals, predict the revenue growth, and move towards continued prosperity. Being a scalable and adaptive company, BAE will continue leveraging many years of client engagements and ensuring alignment between their strategy and infrastructure. Furthermore, it will keep on generating new revenue and boosting loyalty by presenting ways on how clients can do their job in the most efficient way possible while maintaining the security frameworks they need. In order to stay attuned with the market trends, the leading medical software solutions provider keeps tabs on what Seceon and other big players are bringing to the healthcare industry as well as how it can address newer challenges confronted by its client organizations. Additionally, the company is also looking into AI supported robotic process automation to assist clients with their operations since traditional-powered solutions are simply not built to scale.  

An Intellectual Business Leader Aiding in Streamlining Business Operations

Matt Lepkowski, Founder of Business Automation Experts has established the company in 2005. Matt has 20 years of experience and in that period; he learned numerous skills that involve project management, troubleshooting, software implementation, business process improvement, disaster recovery, management, and leadership. Using his experience and expertise, Matt assisted other companies in delivering value to their clients and created new avenues of revenue generation for organizations through technology and systems.

As the Founder of BAE, Matt’s role is to set the strategy for the company and market the services to clients. Being an intellectual business leader, Matt closely works with clients to understand challenges they face and engage his skilled team to seek out advanced solutions, which best fit their model of comprehensive, quick deployment, and value accretive for his clients. These solutions are used internally first so that Matt’s company can identify pitfalls before his clients. Under Matt’s guidance, BAE is leveraging cloud based services to improve its operations and security services to help monitor its assets.

The Future of the Healthcare Sector

Being an entrepreneur, Matt understands the business issues faced by clients as well as observes the transformation happening due to disruptive technologies. According to Matt, as healthcare is moving from a fee-for-service model to value-based purchasing, the pressure to improve operations will heighten. The tremendous positive developments within the healthcare industry will become possible with the help of patient monitoring, advanced algorithms, and innovative systems to manage healthcare data. Further, he adds, “This sector will continue to develop innovative solutions which will improve health outcomes.