The 10 Most Admirable Healthcare Leaders, 2022

The healthcare sector has witnessed numerous changes over the past few decades—telehealth being one of the most significant. Despite coming from a lagging position, heading the change and innovation, Irish hospitals have advanced to the point with digital clinical solutions where they are now likely the first hospital system in the world to offer real-time motion tolerant respiratory…….

Peter Hahn
Peter Hahn: Embodying Crucial Leadership in the Healthcare Environment
The COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant strain on healthcare systems ...
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Arash Hakhamian
Arash Hakhamian: A Maverick Reinventing Dentistry 
The dynamics of dental care and treatment have transformed as ...
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Dale Mouscos
Dale Mouscos: A Dedicated Marketing Professional with a Distinct Vision
Observing the last few decades, robust leadership has been a ...
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Jim Cavan
Jim Cavan: Building A Healthcare Platform Beyond The Language Or Social Barriers
Information is power. Having the information about patients’ health can ...
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Timothy Kelley
Timothy Kelley: Aiming To Become A Specialist In Telehealth Sector
The healthcare industry is facing a multitude of challenges due ...
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