The 10 Dynamic Business Leaders, 2022.(Vol.2)

Today, various external factors affect the business environment as well as modern leadership. It is extremely important for established and aspiring leaders to understand how these changes impact their businesses and thus stay more outwardly focused.

mohammed abbas
Wafy – Saudi’s Leading Discovery Platform
Wafy develops Content in 9 Languages Wafy has taken the ...
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Andrea Calcagno
Andrea Calcagno: A Contemporary CEO Fostering a Data-driven Approach
Being a CEO implies undertaking a plethora of crucial roles ...
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Vivek Kamath
Vivek Kamath: Spreading Awareness for Energy Way of Healing
The dynamics of entrepreneurship have advanced with time. The factors ...
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Dale Mouscos
Dale Mouscos: A Dedicated Marketing Professional with a Distinct Vision
Observing the last few decades, robust leadership has been a ...
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Stephen Whyte
Stephen Whyte: A Leader Transforming the Food Supply Chain Industry
As the saying goes, “​Nothing in life goes in vain, ...
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