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Vivek Kamath

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The dynamics of entrepreneurship have advanced with time. The factors influencing the business ideas range from—but not limited to—economic conditions, market demands, alteration in the social environment, and many more. However, the most omnipresent factor is personal experiences. The personal experiences have laid the foundation stone for several prospering ventures. A similar incident occurred with Vivek Kamath (Founder and CEO) when he used his Reiki healing methods to cope up with his leg muscle cramp. Initially, Vivek used Reiki as a method to manage his relationships with his bosses, however, after healing his leg in minutes; Vivek understood the potential of the healing methods.

Professionally, Vivek is a Computer Science engineer and has worked in the IT industry for more than two decades. He has worked on large IT projects and in MNC banks across the globe. However, after recognizing the potential of healing techniques, he started exploring the opportunities and successfully established Heal the World.

Revolutionary Health-Care Provider

Incepted in 2017, Heal the World is a revolutionary health-care provider on the mission to heal diseases without medicine, surgery, or anesthesia. It is instrumental in automating the healing procedures and bringing down the healing life cycle of the patient. This is achieved due to the in-house developed healing products and healing procedures that spread across multiple healing methods. These unique treatments are:

  • Reiki Healing: Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy or universal energy”. This technique is commonly called palm healing or hands-on-healing. Heal the World also provides Reiki Distant Healing where the patients need not be present in present at the location of the healer. This method has proven to be highly effective and is capable of healing any disease.
  • Mexican Healing: Accounted under one of the ancient healing techniques, Mexican healing is a powerful healing methodology for any disease. This technique uses light energy for healing and aims to cleanse the patients’ current life sins and past life’s sins.
  • Crystal Healing and Melchizedek Healing: These techniques are swift, simple, and powerful. This healing procedure is targeted towards eradicating negative thoughts and emotions.
  • Past Life Regression Therapy: This therapy is a wonderful healing process as it works deeper on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It provides patients with the resolution of anxiety attacks, chronic pain, depression, fears that don’t make sense.

Apart from these, Heal the World has recently introduced an in-house developed product called LV2CCD that is a cancer healing product. “With this product, we were able to destroy cancer cells within 15 minutes,” affirms Vivek.

Undertaking the Mammoth Task

Since the inception, the company has been successful in treating various diseases; however, it did encounter several challenges. Apart from the challenges of the startup, it had to additionally encounter negligence towards allopathic medicines. Vivek had first-handily witnessed the benefits of Reiki healing and was determined to offer the same benefits around the globe.

People do not have belief in alternative therapies may be due to the speed of recovery. Most of the people are suffering from negative mindset and blockages,” he emphasizes. Consequently, Vivek had to undertake the mammoth task of creating awareness on alternative therapy and on natural energy healing throughout the healthcare industry. Alongside, he had to fulfill his responsibilities as the leader and manage the team.

Today, his roles and responsibilities as a leader stretch beyond the cabin. He researches on diseases, pharmacy, and healing treatment. Vivek is also an evident healing practitioner and has healed critical illnesses such as stage 4 cancer, Multiple sclerosis, bedridden cases, critical liver cirrhosis cases, and organ transplant healings. While managing a team of people who are working on the Automation of healing procedures, developing products he also develops strategies for short and long-term tactics of the organization.

Tackling the Pandemic Challenges

Vivek adds, “As an organization leader, he or she needs to monitor very closely short term and long-term strategies of the organization.” He stresses having a clear vision and mission and having an outlined plan to fulfill it. Automation is the key for organization success. Especially considering the outbreak of COVID-19, robust risk mitigation planning is vital.

Amid the crisis, Vivek leveraged this approach to define the responsibilities of team members and work in collaboration. The teams’ dedication to complete the objectives of organization has helped drastically to overcome all the challenges it has faced in the last 3 years. In these years, it has also been proficient in offering distant healing procedures. For instance, the patient may be in the USA and the healer may be in any part of the world.

This distant healing procedure has helped Heal the World in overcoming COVID-19 restrictions of meeting people in person and did not have any impact on business. Vivek was keen on assigning the work allocation across multiple teams and ensured how it managed the interdependency and mitigated the overall timeline, quality, and accuracy of the final goal of meeting the patient’s health care objectives.

Opportunities to Explore

The year 2020 has been a challenging year. Acknowledging the economic impact, several companies failed to sustain. On the contrary, Heal the World was successfully in steering through these challenges and has won several awards and accolades. It was ranked amongst the leading innovative health company in the world across many prominent business magazines in India, Asia, UK, and the USA. Besides, Vivek has been nominated as the “Top 20 Entrepreneur of the year 2020 in Asia”.

2020 being a fruitful year for Heal the World, Vivek is optimistic about 2021. In the coming year, the company is aiming to establish its training center franchises in India and around the globe. Additionally, it will integrate health care IT system front office, middle office, and back end systems by leveraging the latest technologies.

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