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Today, various external factors affect the business environment as well as modern leadership. It is extremely important for established and aspiring leaders to understand how these changes impact their businesses and thus stay more outwardly focused. Modern leaders tend to invest their time in acquiring new trends. Expressing his views on the changing dynamics of leadership, Ranjeet Banerjee (CEO of Cold Chain Technologies) says, “You can’t and shouldn’t take on every trend and opportunity. Make sure your teams prioritize, focus, and execute on what is truly relevant.” Ranjeet is an innovative leader transforming the life sciences industry with his astute vision.

Admirable Journey

Ranjeet started his career as an Engineer and pursued his graduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur, India. After starting a career at Unilever, he worked in operations for some years. Later, he became part of the life sciences industry when he joined Becton Dickinson (BD). Ranjeet worked with BD for 25 years and served in different roles in operations before moving into general management positions. “I learned a lot about the differences in healthcare all over the world,” adds Ranjeet. For the last two years, he has been working with Cold Chain Technologies (CCT). The company is a leader in defining how to improve resiliency, sustainability, and cost-optimize the cold chain for the life sciences industry.

CCT – The Only Partner of Choice

CCT was established in 1967 with the mission to deliver high-quality products. Today, it is regarded as the world leader in providing thermal packaging assurance solutions focused on the life sciences industry. As the company’s work impacts people’s lives, this value bar is high for the products and solutions. It strives to be the partner of choice for delivering end-to-end cold chain assurance including biopharma manufacturing plants and recipients of the drug or biologic. Moreover, it collaborates with its partners and helps them in designing, qualifying, testing, and manufacturing the right solutions for their specific requirements. Additionally, it supplies the right quantities around the world through its global footprint.   

Magic of Science and Engineering

According to Ranjeet, CCT’s thermal design and engineering are the best in the industry and thus, it is a major player in the life sciences industry. The company follows a particular process to offer its clients the best solutions. It begins by taking new challenges that its customers bring and understanding them. Furthermore, CCT dives deep to know what is required for success. The company determines whether the team has an existing solution that fits their requirements or needs to design a whole new one. It also handles balancing costs, sustainability, performance, and quality with that design. CCT incorporates a lot of science and engineering into this process as well as supports it through the global footprint. Moreover, it has distinctive and proprietary phase change materials (PCMs) along with exclusive designs. This ensures high performance in a cost-optimized manner.

Multifaceted Headship

“My responsibility is to determine where we’re strategically taking the company as we move forward, as well as work on the day-to-day challenges, and inspire members of my leadership team and other associates throughout the company,” says Ranjeet. As the CEO of the company, he needs to be ambidextrous to think of the future as well as today. His additional responsibilities include understanding the challenges and opportunities within the organization. They are accompanied by recognizing the moments to transform the needs of the customers as well as the industry.

CCT has been making a lot of progress in delivering better solutions. These solutions not only reduce waste and improve patient safety but also increase vaccine and drug efficacy to deliver assurance. After the pandemic, the company has been playing an important role in ensuring the COVID-19 vaccines are being delivered safely and effectively worldwide. Additionally, CCT is heading towards reducing 60 million pounds of landfill waste by 2025.

Tough Times – Facing and Surviving

CCT specifically targets the life sciences industry. Though there are numerous challenges in this particular sector and it is hard to propel in the direction of success, the company, with its unique solutions, strives to stay ahead of the competition. The solutions and services offered by the company directly address and reduce drug waste and improve patient safety. It does it by retaining the efficacy of the drug while in transit which ultimately ensures patient safety. Moreover, CCT ensures the safe transportation of the drug to the patient.

Dynamism – Vital Rule of Leadership

In Ranjeet’s opinion, a leader should be proactive in understanding the landscape, the trends, and thereby finding unique opportunities where the teams at the company can use internal resources and capabilities. Moreover, it brings together people to drive sustainable and innovative solutions by collaborating with partners. Such solutions meet the requirements of the industry as well as address the challenges. “It is about being proactive and understanding the gaps and needs in the context of the core challenges of the environment and addressing those,” adds Ranjeet.   

Dealing with the Tangled World

Maintaining a balance between work and life in today’s complex work environment is also important. For that, Ranjeet shows utmost enthusiasm by hiking, reading, and listening to music. He also talks to people who love exchanging ideas around digital and healthcare innovation. He believes in constant learning. Moreover, he spends time with his family as well as taking time for himself.  

Words of Wisdom

Ranjeet shares a piece of advice to individuals who wish to propel themselves in the industry. He suggests focusing on creating value. When a leader thinks about his/her role, he must think about the whole concept of creating shared value. Moreover, it provides positive value for society as well as for the business which is a good combination. He finally asks the budding leaders to always think of the bigger picture. It makes their work very rewarding.


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