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Surgical Theater Practices Augmented Reality Engaging Patients to Maintain Physical Awareness

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For the first time in Thoracic Surgery practices, patient and surgeon can share surgical environment

American Association for Thoracic Surgery (AATS) witnesses Surgical Theater proudly debuts its first ever 360° Augmented Reality patient engagement solution, which combines Precision VR® patient-specific models with the Magic Leap One spatial computing headset. Now Thoracic surgeons can view patient-specific virtual reconstructions in Augmented Reality.

For the first time in Thoracic Surgery practices, patients and their surgeons can walk together inside the patient’s specific anatomy augmented into their shared physical space. The shared 360˚ AR approach to Thoracic Surgery consultations creates an experiential environment, encouraging shared decision-making and collaboration with the patient and loved ones. Augmented Reality allows surgeons and all participants to maintain physical awareness and eye contact while walking through the 360˚ virtual model.

The natural Magic Leap One superimposes reality

Inspired by human psychology, vision at Magic Leap is to enable this technology for a wide range of health applications. The company is really looking forward to seeing the novel approaches our developer community is taking to increase patient engagement and satisfaction.

Jennifer Esposito, Vice President of Health at Magic Leap said, “Magic Leap is thrilled to see our health ecosystem expand with solution providers like Surgical Theater who have already demonstrated great success in VR for patient engagement. They continue to push the boundaries of Magic Leap One’s capabilities and drive the adoption of the leading spatial computing platform into the hands of revolutionary physicians and enthusiastic patients.”

Ultimately, the combination of Surgical Theater’s Precision VR® reconstructions and other data from the patient’s chart viewed in Augmented Reality with the Magic Leap is limitless—seamless workflows, charting transparency, increased efficiency, and improved patient satisfaction may all become reality.

Moty Avisar, CEO and Co-founder of Surgical Theater said, “The evolution of Surgical Theater’s Precision VR® technology has provided our hospital partners with tremendous value in the ability for surgeons and patients to walk inside the 360˚ model.” “It has been proven to achieve superior patient understanding, which has resulted in improved patient satisfaction and reductions in patient out-migration”, he added.



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