Dafang Heavy Machinery’s Vital Role in the Successful Launch of Zhuque II-Y2 Carrier Rocket

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Over the years, the role of cranes in the aerospace industry has been nothing short of crucial. These towering machines, with their exceptional lifting capabilities and precision, are instrumental in handling the enormous and delicate components of spacecraft and rockets. The significance of cranes becomes even more evident during the assembly, integration, and transportation stages of aerospace projects. In essence, cranes serve as the unsung heroes that ensure the safe and efficient handling of mission-critical hardware, from satellite components to entire launch vehicles.

Furthermore, the aerospace industry demands an unparalleled level of accuracy, and any mishap during the assembly or transportation of aerospace hardware can have catastrophic consequences. Cranes equipped with advanced technologies such as anti-sway systems, automatic positioning, and micro-motion control play a pivotal role in maintaining this precision. These cutting-edge features minimize oscillations, guarantee millimeter-level accuracy, and enhance stability during the intricate processes of rocket integration and satellite deployment. In essence, cranes not only support the aerospace industry but also safeguard its success by upholding the highest standards of accuracy and safety.

Successful Launch of Zhuque II-Y2

On July 12, 2023, at 9:00 AM Beijing time, the world witnessed a groundbreaking achievement in space exploration as the Zhuque II-Y2 carrier rocket gracefully ascended from China’s Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. This historic moment marked the culmination of meticulous planning and execution, officially announcing to the world the success of the inaugural flight of the globe’s first liquid oxygen methane rocket, aptly named “One Soars to the Sky.” In this remarkable launch, Dafang Heavy Machinery played an indispensable role, providing cutting-edge equipment that ensured precision and reliability throughout the mission.

Dafang Heavy Machinery’s Crucial Contribution

In this ambitious launch mission, Dafang Heavy Machinery proved to be a cornerstone of success. Their innovative equipment, including multiple state-of-the-art Chinese-style double girder overhead cranes, shouldered the critical task of transporting, hoisting, flipping, inspecting, testing, and fueling the rocket. The impeccable performance of these machines played a pivotal role in the mission’s triumphant outcome.

The Zhuque II-Y2 Carrier Rocket

The Zhuque II-Y2, a liquid oxygen methane carrier rocket, boasts a two-stage design with a diameter of 3.35 meters, towering at a height of 49.5 meters. With a liftoff weight of 219 tons and a liftoff thrust of 268 tons, it proudly stands as the world’s first successfully orbited liquid oxygen methane rocket, symbolizing China’s prowess in space exploration.

Precision at Every Stage

Precision at Every Stage

The path to a successful rocket launch is fraught with challenges, and precision is paramount at every step. Even the slightest deviation can lead to catastrophic consequences. Dafang Heavy Machinery’s equipment played a pivotal role in ensuring the rocket’s precision, angles, and micro-movements met the exacting standards required for a successful launch.

Advanced Control Technologies

Dafang’s new Chinese-style double girder overhead cranes are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including proprietary electrical anti-sway, automatic positioning, and micro-motion control systems. These systems drastically reduce swing amplitudes by 95%, guarantee a precision of 2 millimeters, and achieve micro-motion accuracy within 1 millimeter. Such advancements significantly enhanced the stability and precision of the rocket hoisting process, establishing Dafang Heavy Machinery as a trusted provider of mission-critical equipment.

Contributions to Space Exploration

Dafang Heavy Machinery has formed robust partnerships with China’s four major satellite launch centers. Their equipment has played a pivotal role in numerous successful missions, including those involving Shenzhou spacecraft, Tiangong space labs, Chang’e lunar probes, and Long March carrier rockets. The ability to contribute to the nation’s aerospace endeavors fills every member of the Dafang team with immense pride.

A Collective Sense of Pride

A Collective Sense of Pride

Being able to contribute to China’s aerospace achievements is a source of immense pride for every individual associated with Dafang Heavy Machinery. Their equipment has been featured alongside rockets in photographs, and every member of the Dafang team shares in the glory of these historic achievements.

The Endless Frontier of Space Exploration

The pursuit of space exploration knows no bounds, and the path to realizing dreams is a long and challenging one. As staunch supporters of China’s aerospace aspirations, Dafang Heavy Machinery is committed to their mission of contributing to the nation’s vision of becoming a space superpower. In the years ahead, they will continue to embody their dedication to industrial excellence, showcasing China’s manufacturing prowess in the modern era. Their unwavering commitment will propel China’s space exploration endeavors forward, ensuring that the nation’s journey into the cosmos remains steadfast and far-reaching.


The triumphant launch of the Zhuque II-Y2 carrier rocket signifies a remarkable milestone in China’s journey through the cosmos. Dafang Heavy Machinery’s pivotal role in this mission underscores the importance of precision and reliability in space exploration. As they continue to support China’s aspirations in the field of aerospace, Dafang Heavy Machinery stands as a symbol of ingenuity, dedication, and excellence in China’s quest to explore the endless frontiers of space.

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