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Top 5 Study Apps Every Student Should Know

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A good study app can change how you study, learn, and retain knowledge. It can help you learn with improved concentration and retain information for longer. This leads to better memorization and scoring higher marks. Study apps can come in various forms, such as grammar guides, lesson-planning programs, note-taking apps, and more. Don’t know where to start? Read this article to know what are the top 5 study apps that all students should know.


Whenever I want to hire someone to write essay for me, I always worry about the grammatical accuracy of my paper. When a writer uses Grammarly, any possible errors will be obsolete. Grammarly makes writing smart and grammatically correct papers and essays easy. You can write incredibly thorough research papers, stories, and essays with confidence, knowing that this software has your back. It detects grammatical errors based on what dialect of the English language you choose and also helps you with writing papers with zero spelling errors or awkward sentences.

Users of the tool also love its inbuilt plagiarism scan system and its super helpful mistake correction system that allows the writer to edit their paper as they’re writing. This makes sure you don’t waste a lot of time proofreading and are able to write efficiently.


Study apps bridge the gaps in education. Ever wondered how you can get access to pricey textbooks and other academic reading materials like papers and worksheets for free? Thousands of Scribd users upload documents to help fellow students access them to learn. This digital library allows subscribers to go through e-books, articles, and more for a nominal cost.

You can also download books on Scribd and read them when you’re offline. Along with these, you can download magazines as well as newspapers. Many users of the app use it to listen to audiobooks or podcasts while they’re occupied with menial tasks.


Most students find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time. This is mostly because of the easy access to smartphones and social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and others, that have hindered our ability to stay in the moment without getting distracted. If you’re someone who finds it hard to finish your studies on time because of distractions on your phone, download Forest.

Forest helps with managing time, especially for those who struggle with procrastination. It allows you to focus on individual tasks and slowly build your attention span up. Additionally, it provides users with reminders when they’re on their phones while they’re supposed to be studying.


What good is studying if you cannot take notes and practice your writing skills? Have all your notes in one single workspace on Notion, a platform that structures your text into blocks and helps you study easily. It also creates a weekly timetable and helps you schedule classes and study sessions.

The best part about using Notion is that you will have access to templates created by professionals that you can use to customize your clean and easy-to-follow online notebook.


Visual learners, this app is for you. MindMeister is a mind-mapping tool that lets individual students and groups study using brainstorming methods with visual tools. Customize your notes with different colors, themes, styles, and formats to make learning fun and visually appealing.

MindMeister also has a great integrated live chat option that lets you work with friends and execute online tasks in a group. You will have access to all your documents on the cloud if you forget your laptop at home.

Concluding Thoughts

Whether you want a learning assistant or a note-taking platform, this list has it all! Find the best study app to make learning less tedious and more interesting. No matter what grade or level of education you’re in, these tools will help you learn better. Studying is no longer challenging with Grammarly, Scribd, Forest, Notion, and MindMeister.

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