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A college education is currently moving beyond the four walls of a building. Anyone from any location can quickly attend lectures, study, and sit for exams, all done online. Thanks to the availability of top tools, access to a course has never been so easy.

It is not difficult to get lost in the sea of various online learning tools or resources. Many readers have been there and have issues sorting through their diverse options. Doing take-home assignments with the aid of homework help is now common. Everyone can access college homework help, which could be all the difference needed to score an A+ in that essay. Getting the right tool can be all you need to sail through.

This problem is not limited to scholars, as teachers also face them. Keeping your students’ attention in check is one of the most challenging missions. Hence, new learning apps are now becoming more available to everyone.  For whoever is searching for tools, here are some suggestions on apps to choose from.

Google Classroom

Campus lectures can be fun online with this Google service. Helpful for teachers, it allows them to organize the classroom, grade tasks, check on progress made, interact, etc. Due to Google’s wide coverage, you only need a smart device and a Google account. It’s very flexible.

Professors can easily create a virtual class and send a unique link by Gmail. Everyone who gets the link can enter the class and access the resources provided. With Google Classroom, it is possible to set important future dates with a calendar so everyone is updated. It is one of the best learning tools available on the internet.


Next on the list is the ClassMarker. Professors can easily use it to set tests online and input the answers. Once the students are done with the tests, everything is instantly graded. This innovative and reliable tool saves teachers time for marking scripts and concentrating on other essential tasks.

Other amazing features included are setting a time limit, dividing the class into different groups, and placing separate questions. In addition, this resource has an option to add videos or images to the questions, making them more understandable and interactive.


Writing, proofreading, and editing are one of the qualities all students will acquire. While it may be easy to research and pen facts, editing may be a herculean task. Some students find it challenging or struggle to perfect their essays and make them readable.

Several tools offer assistance in this regard. Some include Hemingway, Grammarly, Editing services, etc. They can help in the region of proofreading for errors in grammar, sentences, etc. These unique tools could also serve as teaching aids, allowing everyone to learn from their mistakes.

There are still other areas where crucial editing still serves. As expected, some students may not be willing to work, hence resolving to plagiarize some published content. A tool to check duplicate content is essential for teachers to help them catch these errors in time. While some students do it unintentionally, a duplicate text checker can serve both teacher and student. For many schools, plagiarism is a severe offense with heavy consequences. 


To make learning more fun and intentional, activities can be added. Kahoot is one of the learning tools online that offers gaming access to test knowledge of a subject. Placing diagrams, images, and even videos to explain each question well is possible. The number of questions allowed to be set is unlimited, too.

It’s one of the best learning tools to keep the entire class’s attention in check, as the app has a tool that shows students’ presence and the progress of their activities. Teams can be formed here, creating a competitive environment in an entertaining way too. Teachers can hand in take-home assignments directly on the app too.


A unique feature that sets this essential app out is its ability to bring teachers, students, and parents together. Everyone can easily create an account to follow each other, which can be linked to a Microsoft or Google account. Parents can get progress reports on the app from teachers without the students knowing.

One fantastic feature is how parents can share files, including multimedia content, with each other. This improves the quality of a relationship, especially for the Parent Teacher Association.


Studying for a degree at college is no longer limited. Thanks to the advancement of technology, learning can be done anywhere, with an internet-connected device. Teachers can also monitor their students’ progress, even when they can’t see them physically. 

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