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Stuck In An Unfulfilling Position? Check Out What Awaits You With CompTIA A+ Certification In Your Pocket

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No matter what anyone says, you can easily tell if you are not satisfied with your current role. Maybe you enjoy socializing and working with people at a more personal level but now you are forced to sit alone with a computer every day. Or you just enjoy handling technical projects that cover much more than just programming. 

This could be the right time to weigh your aspirations and abilities. And, if you’ve heard about entry-level IT certifications such as the CompTIA A+, you will be happy to know that neither a college degree nor countless years of experience are needed to succeed in IT. And to help you discover the best opportunities in your niche, this article offers an interesting guide to the A+ designation. 

A General Preview Of The CompTIA Certification Program

CompTIA has 4 diverse accreditation paths including Core, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and Additional Professional options. And, as you know, the Core certification track is the most popular path featuring a range of popular designations such as ITF+, A+, Network+, and Security+. These certifications verify the skills of newbies and specialists with some experience in the mentioned IT areas.

The Evolution For CompTIA A+ Certificate

Previously, the CompTIA A+ qualification track was geared towards the expertise in supporting laptops and desktops with much emphasis placed on PC repairing. The main emphasis was made on Windows, mobile, and hardware. Currently, the focus has shifted to the core exams, also known as 220-1001 and 220-1002. These tests equip candidates with the core knowledge and skills in such areas as cloud, networking, security, and device connectivity.

CompTIA A+ Certification: A Stepping Stone To An IT Career

CompTIA A+ is hands down the stepping stone you need to build a successful IT career. It provides critical IT knowledge that can be applied anywhere across the globe regardless of the size of the organization. What’s more, being a vendor-neutral certificate, the skills you obtain from this qualification path will apply to many companies and with proper commitment, you may get lucrative offers from renowned giants such as Dell, Intel, Nissan, and HP. Usually, this qualification is also linked to a variety of in-demand job roles such as service desktop analyst, help desk technician, and modern desktop administrator, to mention a few.

Reasons To Attain This CompTIA Certification

Still in doubt whether you need this A+ certification? Listed below are the 5 best reasons to attain it:

  • It’s the key to a dream IT career
  • It opens doors to greater pay
  • It proves your vital IT skills
  • It improves your study habits
  • It helps you acquire hands-on expertise

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The Bottom Line

As you realize, career growth isn’t just based on experience alone. It is about the practical skills an individual possesses and a strong desire to get better every day. At the same time, nobody enjoys a boring routine job with no clear path to enhance their skills. So, get a fresh start today with the CompTIA A+ certification for better career prospects tomorrow. 

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