Stainless Steel Bakery Rack

Stainless Steel Bakery Racks – a Convenient and Reliable Way to Manage Kitchen Organization

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Stainless steel works very well in a wide variety of applications, including gastronomy. Its main advantage is resistance to corrosion and pollution. Products made from this alloy are easy to keep clean and do not require special care. That is why bakery racks are made of stainless steel.

What is a commercial baking rack used for?

A confectionery rack is a steel multi-tiered structure where trays, baking sheets or trays with finished products are inserted. The trolley is equipped with two pairs of swivel wheels, one of which may have locking elements that prevent unwanted movement of the equipment. Depending on the type of flooring and application, the finish of the wheels may vary.

A baking rack on wheels is an indispensable accessory in the professional gastronomic kitchen. This production finds its application in large hotels, restaurants, school canteens and even grocery supermarkets. But still, the main area of their application is gastronomy and catering.

Types of sheet pan racks

As a rule, the following types of mobile structures are used in professional kitchen:

  • tray trolleys: the number of salvers may vary depending on the height of the structure;
  • racks for distribution: they are used to transport and serve ready meals to the table (maily in hotels);
  • bakery racks: designed for transporting bread products and other baked goods;
  • trolley for collecting thedishes: can be of different heights, but with a small number of levels;
  • freezer racks: designed for transporting semi-finished products and storing them in freezers. Such constructions save time, because you can immediately lay out the products on trays and place everything directly with the trolley in the freezer or cabinet. There is no need to transfer trays from one rack to another;

Thanks to the functionality of steainless steel racks, the staff of gastronomic are can successfully use them for managing the working process and improving the time spent on delivering the ready-made products.

Why choose bakery racks?

This is a versatile equipment not only for kitchens, but also for warehouses, shops, inns, and other places where various goods are stored and transported.

The most acceptable material for the manufacture of a sheet pan rack is stainless steel. There are the following points confirming this fact:

  • Firstly, the alloy has very high corrosion resistance. The strength of stainless steel elements is incomparable with most other materials. Such equipment can be used in aggressive environments and exposed to high and low temperatures.
  • Secondly, steel gives a brilliant and stylish look to products. These stuctires do not require special care, clean well and look great even with intensive use.
  • Racks made of stainless steel not only retain their beautiful appearance for many years, repelling the attacks of rust and chemical pollution, but above all, they are durable and practical.

When choosing bakery racks, do not forget to check the accuracy of the execution of elements that can break quickly. In this case, wheels must be made of the highest quality materials. As you can see, stainless steel furniture has many advantages. However, for the sake of justice, its negative characteristics should also be mentioned. Among its most pronounced disadvantages is a tendency to scratch. However, it is quite easy to avoid this trouble – it is not recommended to use aggressive products for the care of such products.

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