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Spectrum Internet: Everything You Need to Know

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Ever since its merger with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, Charter Communications became the second-largest residential cable service provider in the United States. Under the unified brand name Spectrum, the company offers state-of-the-art internet service to around 105 million customers in 44 different states with the greatest coverage in New York, Texas, and California. 

An Overview of Spectrum’s Services

Spectrum primarily offers cable-based facilities in the US, which include internet, television, and phone services. By using a Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network, Spectrum delivers super-reliable internet speed to its loyal customers. In this system, internet data travels to the end-consumer via fiber-optic lines and the network automatically switches over to copper cable wires where fiber internet is unavailable. This way, users get to experience uninterrupted internet speeds with utmost consistency. 

The key distinctive feature that separates Spectrum from the rest of the providers in the industry is its easy-to-understand pricing strategy. The provider charges the same price for similar plans in different regions. Therefore, with no price hikes, Spectrum is quite an attractive provider for people who need to relocate every now.

Spectrum Internet Plans and Prices

Charter Spectrum currently offers three amazing internet deals that come loaded with additional benefits such as unlimited data, access to nationwide hotspots, a complete security suite, and most importantly, 24/7 customer support to keep its clients happy and satisfied. The best part about Spectrum Internet is that you do not have to sign any contract agreements to enjoy its spectacular services.

Spectrum Internet PlansDownload SpeedsPrice
Spectrum Internet®Up to 200 Mbps$49.99 per month for 12 months
Spectrum Internet® UltraUp to 400 Mbps$69.99 per month for 12 months
Spectrum Internet® GigUp to 940 Mbps$109.99 per month for 12 months

As you can see, Spectrum’s services are designed for every kind of internet user, be it an avid online gamer, a movie enthusiast, or a moderate user who merely needs to check his/her emails. 

Plan 1: Spectrum Internet – Best for Basic Functions (Emailing, Web Browsing, and Online Shopping)

With download speeds of up to 200 Mbps, you can easily connect two to three devices and perform basic online activities such as web browsing, emailing, and online shopping. This is a good internet plan for households that are not willing to spend too much on utilities and can work with limited internet speeds without any issues.

Plan 2: Spectrum Internet Ultra – Best for Moderate Activities (HD Streaming, Video Chatting, and Gaming)

With download speeds of up to 400 Mbps, you can easily stream HD content, make video calls, and occasionally play online games on four to five devices at a time. This internet plan is ideal for households that demand a bit more power to their network for moderate online activities. Plan 3: Spectrum Internet Gig – Best for Heavy Duty Usage (4K Streaming, Gaming, and Downloading)

With download speeds of up to 940 Mbps, you can conveniently perform hefty online activities such as 4K streaming, gaming, and full-on programming. This internet package is perfect for households where individuals need to work from home and always stay in touch with their office through video calls.

Spectrum Internet Pros and Cons

Just like every other provider, Spectrum too has some drawbacks that you need to consider before closing the deal with the company. 

Reasonable PricesAverage Customer Support
Commendable Internet SpeedsLimited Variety of Internet Plans
No Contract AgreementsNot as Fast as Fiber
No Data Caps
Nationwide Hotspots
Attractive Bundle Deals

Spectrum Internet, TV, and Phone Bundles

Being one of the leading telecommunications companies in the United States, Spectrum furnishes a wide range of internet, TV, and phone bundles so that customers can get the best blend of multiple services at a discounted price. While Double Play Bundles include internet service combined with television, Triple Play Bundles are stacked with all three facilities including internet, television, and phone. 

Spectrum Double Play Packages

Bundle PlanDownload SpeedNumber of ChannelsPrice
Spectrum Double Play SelectStarting from 200 Mbps125+ HD Channels$89.98 per month
Spectrum Double Play SilverStarting from 200 Mbps175+ HD Channels$119.98 per month
Spectrum Double Play GoldStarting from 200 Mbps200+ HD Channels$139.98 per month

Plan 1: Spectrum Double Play Select

Spectrum Double Play Select Package is the most economical bundle deal for households that need reasonable internet speeds coupled with all the basic TV channels. This package includes 200 Mbps of internet speeds, unlimited data, a free internet modem, more than 125 TV channels, thousands of on-demand movie titles, and access to Spectrum TV App on all your devices. 

Plan 2: Spectrum Double Play Silver

Spectrum Double Play Silver Plan is a higher-tier bundle deal for people who need a better collection of premium networks for entertainment purposes. This package comes with 200 Mbps of internet speeds, unlimited data, more than 175 channels including premium networks such as HBO Max, SHOWTIME, Nick Jr., and NFL Network, thousands of movie titles, and TV shows, and access to Spectrum TV App. 

Plan 3: Spectrum Double Play Gold

Spectrum Double Play Gold Package is one of the best TV and internet combo deals in the market due to its extensive channel lineup and top-notch internet services. This bundle plan comes fully loaded with internet speeds of up to 200 Mbps, unlimited data, more than 200 TV channels including high-end networks like HBO Max™, STARZ®, STARZ ENCORE®, SHOWTIME®, TMC®, and NFL Network, thousands of on-demand movie titles and shows, and complete access to Spectrum TV App. 

Spectrum Triple Play Packages

Bundle PlanDownload SpeedNumber of ChannelsPhonePrice
Spectrum Triple Play SelectStarting from 200 Mbps125+ HD ChannelsUnlimited Nationwide Calling$102.97 per month
Spectrum Triple Play SilverStarting from 200 Mbps175+ HD ChannelsUnlimited Nationwide Calling$132.97 per month
Spectrum Triple Play GoldStarting from 200 Mbps200+ HD ChannelsUnlimited Nationwide Calling$152.97 per month

Plan 1: Spectrum Triple Play Select

Spectrum Triple Play Select is the perfect blend of TV, internet, and phone services at an affordable price. upon successful subscription, you get all the benefits that come in the Double Play Select package plus unlimited nationwide calling in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and many other regions.

Plan 2: Spectrum Triple Play Silver

Spectrum Triple Play Silver is an upper-tier plan that gives you access to some of the most sought-after TV channels in the country. With this package, you get all the facilities included in the Double Play Silver package plus unlimited nationwide calling and free calling features.

Plan 2: Spectrum Triple Play Gold

Spectrum Triple Play Gold is the King of bundle deals giving you access to everything that you need to keep your house well-lit with high-speed internet, top-of-the-line TV channels, and crystal clear phone services. When you sign up for Spectrum Triple Play Gold, you get all the perks that come with the Double Play Gold deal plus unlimited nationwide calling and outstanding calling features such as Block Unwanted Calls, Call Forwarding, and Call Waiting. 

Spectrum Equipment, Hidden Charges, and Contractual Policies

Spectrum Equipment

While most internet providers charge a monthly rental fee for their equipment, Spectrum provides a free modem with all its internet plans, allowing you to save hundreds of bucks every year. In addition to this, the company also permits you to connect your own modem, in case you happen to have an exquisite combination of internet router and modem. 

Spectrum Hidden Charges

When it comes to hidden charges, Charter Spectrum is not an exception. However, the provider’s hidden costs are relatively lower than what other internet companies charge their customers every month. Moreover, the hidden bills do not apply to every customer and most of them are a one-time cost only.

Hidden CostAmount
Professional Installation$49.99 (One-Time)
Self-Install Kit$9.99 (One-Time)
Reconnection Fee$4.99 (One-Time)
Modem Equipment RentalNone
Home Wi-Fi Equipment (Modem/Wi-Fi Router)$5.00 per month
Late Payment Fee$8.95
Data Overage FeeNone

Spectrum Contractual Policy

Spectrum is one of those internet providers that do not require you to sign a contract agreement. This means that there is no early termination fee and you are free to cancel your subscription any time you want. Therefore, if your nature of business or job requires a lot of traveling, you should definitely consider Spectrum Internet with no bounding agreements.

How to Sign Up for Spectrum Internet?

Check the Provider’s Availability in Your Area

Although Spectrum is widely accessible in 44 states, it is always wise to ensure the provider’s availability in your area. After all, you do not want to waste your time conducting a thorough analysis of Spectrum’s service only to find out that it is not available in your region. To confirm a provider’s availability in your vicinity, simply enter your area’s zip code and street address on Local Cable Deals and the website will highlight all the available options in your district. 

Evaluate Your Household’s Internet Usage

Once you have confirmed Spectrum’s availability in your area, evaluate your household’s needs and requirements. You certainly do not want to pay for a service that you are not using. So, instead of going for the most expensive plan, figure out how much internet speed you really need and what services will you be using on a daily basis. This way, you will end up saving thousands of dollars every year by choosing a plan that perfectly fits your needs. 

Select a Plan

Now that you have all the necessary information, compare different plans and choose the one that fits your budget. Weigh in the pros and cons of bundle deals and then make the right decision because usually, people do not even watch TV and purchase bundle deals. 

Schedule a Call

After selecting the appropriate plan, make the call. Try to negotiate the price with the customer representative. Service providers often offer discounts to new customers, especially the ones that need bundle packages.

How to Install and Activate Spectrum Internet?

Spectrum encourages its customers to install the internet service themselves by using their easy-to-use self-installation kit. However, if proper wiring needs to be done, then you should seek the help of a professional by calling the Spectrum Customer Support helpline. Users who wish to install their internet service themselves should follow these set of guidelines:

Place an Order for the Self-Installation Kit

When you make the call for your internet service, request the sales representative to send the self-installation kit along with your order.

Things Included in the Self-Installation Kit

Before you jump into the installation, make sure that the installation kit includes everything that you need to set up your internet service.

  • Welcome Guide and Instructions
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Modem
  • Wi-Fi Router
  • Power Cables (2)

Self-Installing Your Spectrum Internet

After verifying all the contents of the kit, begin with the installation of your Spectrum Internet.

Step 1: Connect the Modem

  1. Take out the coaxial cable and connect one end to the modem and the other end to a cable outlet.
  2. Then, connect the power cable to the modem and plug it in an electrical socket.
  3. Now, wait for 2 to 5 minutes for the modem to connect to the network. When the online status light turns stable, the modem will be connected to the network successfully. 

Step 2: Connect the Modem to Your Wi-Fi Router

Take out the Ethernet cable from the kit and connect its one end to the modem and the second end at the back of your Wi-Fi router.

Step 3: Activate the Modem

To activate your internet service, call Spectrum Customer Support helpline or visit their official page. When your internet service is functional, make sure to create your account on Spectrum so that you can easily manage your service online. It is very easy to customize your network’s name and password. Details of the procedure can be found on Spectrum’s official website.

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