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Why Apple Event is an Essential Part of Apple’s Success?

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When we think about Apple and its success, the first few aspects that come in our mind are its technology, quality of products, unique innovations, visionary leadership, etc. However, one of the very important reasons behind Apple’s success, which we often tend to miss, is its marketing strategies. Apple’s advertisements, digital marketing campaigns, as well as the Apple event are testaments to how much Apple is investing in its branding and marketing to grab the attention of the global audience.

Apple has particularly used the Apple event as effective way to announce new products as well as give a glimpse of its future products and strategies. Its increasing popularity over the years has helped the company gain a wider audience base as well as create a buzz around its current and future products.

Here’s why many people hail the Apple event as a major contributor to the tech giant’s success.  

  • The Hype: Apple’s strong marketing team ensures that enough hype is created around the Apple event, several months before its scheduled date. This intrigues the audience and creates a sense of curiosity that ultimately drives them towards the company’s products.
  • Brand Image: The product presentation at the Apple event is meticulously structured so that it precisely reflects the company’s brand image. Through its every product, Apple ensures to depict everything it stands for.
  • The Engagement: If you ever attend an Apple event, you would know how much attention the company gives to user engagement. The vibe, the atmosphere is created in such a way that everyone inside the hall would have a unique sensory experience and their complete attention is on the event.
  • A Perfect Blend: In every Apple event, there is a mix of familiar and unfamiliar—in that certain elements such as seating arrangement, the look and feel of the stage, the sequence of the event are repetitive whereas certain aspects such as the location, speakers, and the products are different every year. This perfect blend creates a sense of belongingness as well as eagerness among the audience.
  • Emphasis on Production: A majority of the Apple’s audience attends the Apple event virtually. Here, the technical production plays an important role to intrigue them. Although there was an incident in the 2014 event when the connection was discontinued for the first few minutes, Apple events are generally seamless and have technically sound production.

All these prominent aspects were seen at Apple’s recent ‘Peek Performance’ event where it unveiled several new products. Here are the five key takeaways from the latest Apple event.

  1. The price of the iPhone SE saw a whopping rise from $399 to $429. To justify the price bump, the iPhone SE is now equipped with 5G, improved cameras, more durable back glass, and a faster A15 chip.

  2. The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro will now come with new colors. They will be available in the ‘green’ and ‘alpine green’ color respectively.

  3. Apple introduced the iPad Air 5. The Apple event iPad comprises features like M1 chip, ultra-fast 5G, a new center stage camera, etc.

  4. The Mac studio will provide a new M1 ultra chip with 20 CPU cores, 64 GPU cores, and up to 128GB of RAM.

  5. The company also announced a new, affordable monitor with a 5K panel, 600 nits of brightness, four input/output ports, and excellent speaker, microphone, and camera systems.

Upcoming Apple Events

While the recently concluded Apple event is grabbing headlines, the company is all set for three more events in 2022. These events will be held in June, September, and October/November. Apple has planned to launch various products in these events to continue on the path of unrivaled growth and success.

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