SEPTA and New Flyer Collaborating to Provide Philadelphia Emission Free Skies

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This will be the final batch of the buses

South-eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) has announced the acquisition of 115 Xcelsior 40-foot duty diesel-electric hybrid transit buses. They informed about the starting of the production of these buses by New Flyer. This is the fifth and final batch of bushes that are to be produced by New Flyer that was awarded to it in 2016.

These low-emission hybrids buses will replace the older buses that are suitable for the environment as well for transport. These hybrid buses are an integral part of the plan to complete its SEPTAINABLE 2020 program. The program set to achieve environmentally, socially and economically prosperous Philadelphia.

95% of the fleet will be hybrid buses by 2020

This order will push the number of buses to 1500 for SEPTA that is been produced by New Flyer. These new buses not only made transport services better but also cut down on air pollution. It is planned to replace 95% of the fleet with the hybrid buses by 2020.

The first bust was delivered back in 2002 and the contract since been continued. These buses evolved through the years as the technology to reduce the emission has done tremendous strides. This has supported the growing transit need of the community.

Chris Stoddart, President, New Flyer said, “SEPTA’s vision to evolve its fleet to low-emission is near complete, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support this transition. Since 2002, we have proudly served SEPTA and the greater Philadelphia community with mobility featuring hybrid technology. Together, we have driven the evolution to reduced emissions, and as we turn the corner on a new mobility paradigm, we will remain steadfast in supporting SEPTA through its continued evolution toward sustainable transit and fulfillment of its SEPTAINBALE 2020 plan.”



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