Sensory’s TrulyNatural to Enable Devices on Natural Voice Command

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The company worked on voice data privacy

Sensory, the pioneer AI at the edge company out of Silicon Valley told that it is releasing domain-specific assistant for smart appliances. This will be the specialized version of TrulyNatural, a firm’s platform with huge vocabulary speech recognition and natural language understanding. This model is designed for home appliances. The technology will improve the quality of smart kitchen appliances as they don’t have to relay voice commands to the cloud.

The use of voice command in consumer appliances is on growth. This has given rise to voice-enabled products powred by cloud-based voice services in the market. But the problem with privacy still persists. TrulyNatural is specifically developed for this concern only. It uses an extremely intelligent natural language user interface while not compromising the privacy of voice data.

Powerful products capable of understanding spoken commands

Todd Mozer, CEO at Sensory said, “There are certain products were having a cloud-connected voice assistant capable of playing music, checking the weather and telling you a joke makes sense, but there are countless products where it would be unnecessary. TrulyNatural is the perfect solution for device makers that want to create powerful products capable of understanding and responding to spoken commands, but don’t need the added complexity, component costs and potential privacy risks associated with leveraging a cloud-based voice services platform.”

TrulyNatural support English, languages such as French, German, Italian, Japnese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish are to be included in the release of 2020. Midea MCA is the first to incorporate the new technology into their home appliances. The new products will be in the market with the capability to understand naturally spoken command.



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