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Secure Trading of Cryptocurrency Online: Top Places to Go to Find Safe Bitcoin Exchange and Storage

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The revolutionary digital currency has indeed re-shaped the way we view the financial system. It’s a great accomplishment that today we can manage digital money and make super-fast transactions in a matter of a few seconds. 

Cryptocurrency has a lot of benefits, and that is why it became the target for trading. In such a way, you can earn on the coin’s price fluctuations if you are attentive and know when to sell. 

This short read is devoted to making such trades as safe as possible. Knowing the right places to perform your crypto operations will save you a lot of nerves and money. 

Best Places to Make Trades of Digital Currency 

The sphere of crypto investments looks exciting. 

All of us would like to have an opportunity to invest only once and get considerable profit. We want it to be easy and straight. Still, even in the sphere of crypto trading, it doesn’t come out simple: to remain a successful trader, you need to get ready and plan your investments, be alert all the time, analyse the market, consult proven sources of data, and think deeper. 

Besides educating yourself about cryptocurrency, it’s crucial to be picky about the services and apps for exchange. 

So, here is our top of places that can be helpful if you want a sure-fire way to trade legally and securely. We especially recommend such services to those who are getting started with cryptocurrency and want to avoid losses. 

Safe Bitcoin Exchange

1. Coinbase. 

This place is the golden standard of what a crypto exchange service has to look like. Coinbase is great for both individuals trading for their purposes and institutions. AT Coinbase, you can get focused on over 50 crypto coins and trade anywhere and anytime. 

Its excellent feature is having options for advanced users: Pro version unlocking high-end features of the service such as the access to trading charts or bots and Prime version which is perfect for commercial services, offline storage of assets, and even promoting products or services at this platform. AI advisors are beneficial as they can help you make your choice based on objective analysis of the previous and current situation in the market. 

Along with these brilliant benefits, some users have been complaining of no chance to get lended money to invest in cryptocurrency.

2. Binance.

Just like Coinbase, the service is open to institutions and personal trading. It is mainly loved for convenience, staking rewards, and other perks such as automatic (or recurring) purchases. The last one lets you invest in the chosen crypto coin regularly,m for example, a month’s interval. 

Purchasing Stable coins is another exclusive feature that makes Binance attractive to traders (coins with their value defined in US dollars). The high level of automation makes exchanges easy even for beginners who don’t use additional features. And for those who do, the exchange has also a lot to offer, e.g. Binance trading robots, which can be easily and securely set via Binance API.

Binance is, by the way, available on iOS and Android devices as a trading app.

3. Kraken.

Another feature-packed service offering help with trades in more than 200 countries. It is a very supportive environment where every user can get tete-a-tete consultation and advice, manage their account efficiently, and enjoy special rewards. The app is also fit for Android and iOS. 

The use of futures – documents enabling you to purchase crypto assets at a set-in-stone price on a specific day – is available with many coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum. 

The only disadvantage is that the platform is temporarily closed for US users.

4. Bitcoin Loophole.


This younger but impressive service is also an excellent starting place when you want some basic trading features. Investing with Bitcoin Loophole is very quick, organized, and highly efficient.

The tool is excellent for tracking price movement in charts and doesn’t force any frequency or amount of trades on you. In simple words, you can stop or set a limit on your orders anytime. Plus, there is no need to bring a lot of capital for investing. The amount of 250 USD is their starting deposit, which is enough for the first try. 

This online trader registers takes just a few minutes (mainly due to verification) and allows you to start a trade right away.

As you can see, trading securely is simple and never requires tremendous effort. As a customer, be attentive to what a service offers and how true its promises are in reality. Put your trust in official places alone and let your exchange experience be well organized, guided, and profitable.  

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