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Crypto Trading for Beginners: Trading Smart and Avoiding Common Mistakes

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Who doesn’t want to get rich? Or at least have a better financial situation than the current moment.

The question needs no answer as this is a natural desire of every person. Still, getting profits is different in every sphere, and what you see as an easy way might, in reality, appear a hard one. 

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most popular methods of receiving profit today. It looks like only lazy ones haven’t tried it yet. However, there are many peculiarities one should know before getting into this business and building plans for investments. 

This short read is dedicated to helping newbies understand how to trade cryptocurrency smartly and safely. Here we will discuss the pieces of advice that will come in handy when you choose the coin to buy, the service to use, or the amount of money to invest. 

What We Mean Under Trading and Investing and What Is the Difference? 

Now, trading in a general sense means that you purchase and sell the asset, goods, or service. In most cases, it is used as a synonym to the term ‘investing’ where you buy something to make a profit, for example, to resell it at a higher price. 

How are these terms different? A clear line should be drawn here. When we speak about investing, we mean that a person expects revenues and is ready to wait for years and even decades for these revenues to come. 

Trading, in its turn, is more focused on immediate or short-term returns and relies on market volatility. So, we agree to speak about trading and investing in crypto coins and expecting returns about the nearest time.

5 Useful Tips for Successful Crypto Trades

As a beginner, you might want some pieces of advice to help you get started and gain your first experience of exchanging crypto coins such as btcusdt. If you read this, you already know all the benefits of cryptocurrency and transactions involving digital cash, as well as the risks they hold. 

So, here is the collection of tips to help you eliminate these risks and come out a winner. 

Tip 1. Check your real motivation. 

Make sure you don’t decide to invest because of the high popularity that crypto has right now. Decide why it can be profitable for you as an individual digital currency owner or a business runner. Define the prospects, think about what it will give you. Otherwise, this will be just a waste of time and money. 

Tip 2. Educate yourself. 

Dear beginner, never neglect research and analysis. Read reliable sources highlighting what happens in the crypto market currently and providing systematic information on it. It is best to choose whole courses on cryptocurrency than reading articles from different websites now and then. For instance, there are excellent courses at Udemy available. They can guide you through the whole way, from choosing a service for exchange to getting deeper into strategies. 

Tip 3. Use reputable instruments for exchange. 

The choice of tools for crypto trading is a vital factor. One wrong move – and you’re in the hands of a scam. No, we don’t want to scare the heck out of you, but it’s real – if the service promises too much and looks like something unreal, run away and find an official place with adequate conditions and real clients’ feedback. 

Some of the reputable services include Coinbase and Finance and their younger brother, Bitcoin Profit. With the Bitcoin Profit App, you will undoubtedly remain safe, store your currency in a protected account, and use the advanced software to make lucrative trades and avoid losses where possible. 

Tip 4. Avoid investing in only one crypto coin. 

Now, it is easy to get trapped in this. You see the high potential, watch the market, and might think that this exact coin is the jackpot for you. Still, don’t be so fast with conclusions. 

First of all, no such coin is stable and will never fall in price. There are more stable coins such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and others which are expected to remain stable in 2022, but none of them is self-sufficient. 

You might want to do as a beginner who doesn’t want to lose their money to buy a few crypto coins to trade. In most cases, one of them will grow in price, and you could sell it at a profitable rate. And even if other coins you purchased will not succeed, you won’t go broke. 


All in all, do not be in a hurry when deciding to trade. Be mindful of your purpose, the risks, and the amount of money you are willing to invest. Do not dump all of your funds in one crypto coin, pay extra attention to research, and choose reliable tools for trading. All of this together will significantly increase your chances to make a profit on trading digital cash. 

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